Does anyone else find it peculiar when people are so into volunteering in animal shelters/charities and mock those who buy pets (vs. adoption) but then eat burgers and bbq with gluttonous pleasure.  Dont they see the contradiction?????????

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I think people see a difference when it comes to pets and the animals they eat. I work at a dog shelter and I'm a vegetarian, so I'm not sure about this subject.

are there many vegetarians working at shelters?

its kinda like vets who are not vegetarian, they spend so many years trying to help animals- just to go home and eat one, just strange!

I think my sister and I are the only veggies at the shelter. I don't really talk to the other people there, just the dogs and cats :)

you are exactly right- i was not always a vegetarian,  its was like living with blinders on till i was educated about the food industry.  people are raised on eating animals, holiday celebrations are tied into what kind of meat is made. Furthermore, when you go to the grocery store you dont hear cries, see slaughter, blood...etc.  it is so formal, many city children have never seen a cow- so they cannot humanize the matter.


"With blinders on"- I agree :) I too was a meat eater, it's so funny when you finally make that connection and you're like, "What was I thinking?!" Because we're brainwashed to view our food sources as objects, not beings with souls. We're told they're stupid, they're dirty, we need meat to live, etc. And because most people are raised eating meat, it's not something many tend to question. 

:( I agree! How arrogant is that? To suggest other animals were put here to be slaughtered, for them.. the world does not revolve around the human race, as much as we'd like to think differently. And if they suggest a Divine sort of meaning, like God gave us animals to eat, I question why God made our food feel pain, and fear? What kind of sadist would do that?

I always hold that same hope, Joana :) That if they could see the damage, and be connected with these animals, they would most certainly alter their opinions. I am very happy to hear that you father understood your choice in the end, great people are willing to take other views into account, and hold an open mind about something different. Patience indeed :) Worth it when a loved one comes around.

I guess that's exactly how it is. There is strange how people can say a "fact" about an animal without even caring to know the true. Of course a cow does not have a family - the meat industry takes the family away! But they do not see that connection at all.

Agreed Joana. Misguided doesn't equal evil, in my opinion. It's when you know the facts and then you choose to do nothing, that's what you makes people I guess "evil" or just immoral. I can forgive a meat eater say for what they do, because I believe, with all of my heart, that if they believed as I did they would stop. Others who are vegetarian who go back, I'll never understand, because you viewed something as murder then said, "Ah screw it."

:)! It is selfish! It's pure selfishness, that's well said. So self serving :(

I always find it hypocritical when people claim to love animals, but eat meat. They're so disconnected though from their "food source" that the irony is truly lost on them. I think what's good is that there's compassion there, and they're trying to find an outlet. Those are the people I believe who, when introduced properly to vegetarianism, will realize this and make the change :) I always appreciate people volunteering, and adopting pets also xo

certain food industries in this country (US) are protected beyond belief.  many people just think the cows n chickens...etc are out grazing and enjoying rolling hills in montana...and then they just have one bad day (slaughter).  most people would not eat if they knew how cruel the process is.  Besides, the meat industry refuses to take responsibility for the listeria in our vegtables.  Listeria (all of the vegtables/fruit) recalls we are having are because of the enormous CAFO's in this country. the sewage is running off unhygenically into our planting fields, so we all suffer.


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