Hey all, It has been brought to my attention that many, if not all, of my social encounters that result in my sharing of my dietary lifestyle is met with ignorance- and sometimes -even harsh criticism. (In my mind this is similar to gay rights and the intolerance spread through so many people preoccupied with the sex lives of others.) Similarly, people seem to have all kinds of opinions on the way we eat or don't eat. I don't get it. I think it's a lack of understanding and education that contributes to this. Generally, if they are welcoming and curious, I use this time as a teachable moment to help break down some of the social barriers and incomprehension regarding vegan/vegetarian life. Personally, I am in it for the health benefits and the simple reasoning that factory farming is a horrendous torture chamber. Also, I like the challenge of being more disciplined in general. Why people become so vocal on the way OTHER PEOPLE eat baffles me, and speaks volumes about personal insecurity.

What kinds of things do you say in these situations?

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Well said, Joseph.

Thank you for your wisdom. I realized this post had a bit of hostility around it, I just can't get over the fact that people spend so much time judging others for things that have zero effect on them. It is well to do to not engage in the power struggle.

I think people automatically assume we're going to judge them for not being vegan/vegetarian or something like that. I once told someone I was vegetarian (this was before I became vegan) and they said, "That's okay, but I'm still eating meat" when I didn't even tell them not to. It's sad that they think we're all judgmental and forceful about our diet and beliefs. I usually just be nice to them if they're being rude to me to show them that not all vegans/vegetarians are how they think we are. :)

Wonderful view. I do think it is important to be kind always. I am in agreement that most people think we're going to judge them right off the bat. Just yesterday I had someone say the same thing, "I'll always need some kind of meat." And I didn't even bring it up, he did.


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