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I've been with my partner for close to 10 years - more than 8 of those we lived together and during those 8 years I was basically an omnivore eating smaller quantities of meat.

I was never really a happy omnivore. Did it cause it was what I was brought up to do, and it's certainly the easier option in terms of preparing easy food/dining out. For the last about 16 months my partner and I have been living apart though in a distance relationship. I moved away for career reasons and to 'find myself'? And part of that finding myself has led to me becoming a vegetarian..

My partner is contemplating moving to the same city though so that we can live together again. He's on a ketogenic diet and eats meat at practically every meal (albeit usually a small quantity)! But I'm questioning where the relationship is to go from here. I've changed a lot since moving away.. I don't think my commitment to being vego is going to change and I'm not sure how happy I am being with a meat eater long term. But maybe that's being shallow. I used to be one after all and I was one when I met my partner.

My biggest concern though.. I don't know if I can live in an apartment where meat products are being cooked. Just the smell of it. I've lived with my partner since he's been on a ketogenic diet (he's been on it for years now and is likely to be on it long term), and it pretty means bacon and eggs for him for breakfast every day. Waking up to that smell used to drive me crazy!

The question - should I just learn to deal with it for the sake of the relationship? From his perspective he needs to be able to prepare breakfast at home. Buying the sort of stuff he has for breakfast out all the time just isn't practical.


I do love him. I just don't know that this compatibility issue is something that can be worked out.

Desperate to know what other people think

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I have been married for 29 years , only used to eat chicken and fish , but now a full vegetarian . My son is a bodybuilder (so am I just a vegitarian one !) and my husband and son eat meat every meal. My son 6 meals a day . You just need to do your own thing if you really love the person, I try to convert them to even 1 vegetarian meal a day but they wont . It can cause arguments and I wish I could go to a veg restaurant sometimes but that wont ever happen as my husband couldnt buy a steak there ! Be yourself and state your life and eating style to your partner again. As for cooking and smelling meat , its nasty but I just do it .All the best x

All I can say is that this is very hard. I had no idea.... I use to be a meat eater and dated a vegetarian, no wonder he broke up with me....LOL. I have been with a different man now for 17 years he is a meat eater and I am not. I am so grossed out by the consumption and even the site of meat anywhere. This  is very hard for me. We may soon go our separate ways but not because of this. If I ever get involved again it would be so much better for me if I were with a vegetarian. I really hope and pray it works out that way for me. Good luck to you.


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