Proper Vegan Vegetables and tires that cost no animal lives to grow or make?

I'm considering going vegan, currently just veggie, but had some information recently and got a few questions to ask which my extreme-vegan friend has pointed out to me. I should probably explain that my reason for going vegan, would be to no longer give any money that ends up going toward the cruelty or killing of animals of any kind.

I thought I would just be able to buy any vegetables, but apparently since regular farmers shoot and trap so many animals just to grow their produce (apparently more than they kill through their meat trade) I have to look for a special kind which is grown on special farms which do not abuse wild animals in this way. Also, when I buy these vegetables the money goes back to the farmers who farm sheep, cattle, chickens etc. Could anyone tell me where I can buy vegetables which have not been grown as a result of animals suffering and the money not go back to these farms? My friend grows all his own but I don't want to start gardening and don't have the conditions for it. I don't even have a garden for a start.

When I mentioned to my vegan friend that I didn't want to drive anywhere too far, they told me that if I was going to use a car or public transport, I may as well just buy butter/cheese etc because tires on any vehicle contain quite a bit of animal fat and constantly giving money to this industry is not vegan. Is this the same with trains or do you actually HAVE to walk everywhere?? Again my friend doesn't use public transport but lives a fairly sheltered life without a job and I don't think he's ever left his hometown in the past 5 years. I can't do this though because of work I have to travel a lot through the night... 

Please help I'm really confused. Don't understand how I'm supposed to get to these places with special cruelty free vegetables without using any kind of transport :(

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Hey there- Veganism is just about doing the best you can. No offence to your friend, but I think they're trying to make it more complicated. Of course, if you have access to vegetables grown on completely ethical farms, and the budget to support this, then fantastic.

But just do the best you can. For me, this is following a plant based diet and not using toiletries/makeup products that test on animals or contain animal products. I have to buy veg from supermarkets, because this is all I can afford. I live in a shared house, and I can't just demand all animal friendly cleaning products, as much as I'd like to.

Bottom line is, as long as you're doing everything you think you can, and always considering ways in which you can improve, then you're doing brilliantly.

As for driving- if you can avoid it, do. But again, this isn't an option for everyone and I think in our current world, it's unfeasible to expect everyone who wants to go vegan to stop.

It's a bit like, the medication I have to take is not vegan. But no medication is, as it's all animal tested. I need it to function, and of course, I will continue to pressure the industry to ban animal testing. But for the moment, I need my medication. 

Different people draw the lines in different places. Just do what is within your mean. :)

Thank you for your response. I think my friend is going a bit to the extreme, however I do think some of what he says is true and this is what has confused me.

Before going vegetarian, I was only spending around £3 a week on animal products - bacon, cheese, and butter - which I shared with my housemate so, £1.50 for both of us really. This is all I ate, and I was happy to substitute these for vegetables and other products.

However, since being vegetarian, I have spent around £10 a week on vegetables produced at regular farms, and products made from vegetables and wheat e.g pasta sauce, quorn, and microwave meals from regular supermarkets (grown as a result of animals being killed and suffering in traps) So I am giving more back to farms, and I am causing more living creatures to suffer now than I was before.

I think I was spending LESS money towards animal suffering before I became a vegetarian, and being a vegan sounds like I will be giving so much more towards the killing and suffering of animals than I ever did as a meat eater. I just don't know which is best any more. I find it hard to buy meat and vegetables because I know how many animals suffered for each of those things to exist, and I can't say that buying meat is any worse than buying vegetables given the statistics.

This is definitely true, but the fact remains what while you're consuming eggs and dairy etc, you are taking something that is not yours to take. It's not as simple as how much money goes into something- in fact by simply buying vegan foods you contribute to making animal industries redundant.

A central fact of veganism is that animals are not ours to take advantage from; by abstaining from all animal products, you are showing that this way of life is not just possible, but advantageous. Honestly, I've never heard of a farm where no animals are harmed in anyway. By not contributing to animal industries, you're showing a demand for this in a wider context.

If you don't go vegan because of the amount of money involved, you're still contributing to this wider idea that it's okay to take something that doesn't belong to you, which contributes to more animal suffering in the long term.

I hope this helps,

All the best

Yeah that does make a lot of sense. I wish there was a way to buy vegetables which had been grown strictly in greenhouses rather than in fields, I really love wild animals like rabbits and birds and feel awful that their lives were taken just so we can get vegetables into our supermarkets. I've stopped eating meat and dairy and I'm going to only buy the minimum amount of vegetables, trying to mostly only purchase those which are not strictly grown outdoors.

It's extremely hard to find a balance, and although quitting dairy was relatively easy, I'm not sure I actually consider myself vegan now for doing so... thank you for your help anyway :) xx


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