The other day I got to thinking about what films out there are respectful or even promoting of vegetarian diets and compassion to animals? Not documentaries but "Hollywood" pictures. I know we had a bullseye on our backs for decades but lately I've noticed that there have been a few positive pieces regarding animals and obviously pro-vegetarian view points.

2 came to mind off the top of my head:

1. Fast Food Nation. It stars an army of Hollywood's PETA members or openly compassionate people. It's an "adaptation" of the book of the same name that examines the processes in which we get our cheap meat and this flourishing burger industry. The film itself was good, humorous, and poked fun of MEAT EATERS, which was the first time I'd ever seen that before in a major motion picture. But moreso the last scene that came out of nowhere. It was the first time I'd ever seen a cow, or any animal, slaughtered on the kill floor. I'd been a vegetarian all my life and I've never needed to see any gruesome images because I had no moral lapse. But I was very proud to see a Hollywood film show the cow being forced onto the floor, shot, cut open, and reduced into nothing. I couldn't look at the screen the first time I saw it. It was a very emotional experience that makes me cry everytime I see it.


2. Red: This is a 2008 film based on the novel by Jack Ketchum. It stars Brian Cox, Tom Sizemore, and Robert Englund, none of which I believe are vegetarians but perhaps compassionate. Anyways, it's a "revenge" story Jack Ketchum wrote out of his frustration with how weak laws are to protect the life of animals. 3 boys try to rob the main character, and when he doesn't have much to give them, they shoot his dog, Red. The old man tries to get legal help, confronts the parents of the boys, and even gets a lawyer, but the law is not supportive in terms of killing an animal and nothing comes about. In his anger and grief he takes the path of vengeance. It's a good film, and even better book, about how little we value animal life and how losing an animal can devestate the life of those who knew him.

I know there's more, and I was drawing blanks on it, so that's why I came to the forum to get help on the matter. Do any of these types of films, or perhaps positive dialogue, jog your memory?


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earthlings is a really good one. 


Food Inc


Peaceable Kingdom

Forks Over Knives

I am Animal

- I know there are more- I just cant remember!

Gery Youofsky "the best speech ever"

Gary Yourofsky is POS who has no place in the animal rights movement. Please don't listen to a word this man says.

 La belle verte is a pro vegetarian movie. one of my favorite

Earthlings, that someone previously mentioned, is a documentary, but it is also a movie that takes up all the different ways humans abuse animals, and is a really strong and touching movie.

Those are not veg*n movies/documentaries but would definitely be a good start for anyone reluctant to give up meat :

- Supersize me : man decides to eat and drink only Mc D's breakfast lunch diner for a month. He is monitored by several doctors. After only10/15 days the tests show his life is in danger. Some hints on how disgusting nuggets are. Gives an idea that processed food is poison.

- Food Inc : how the food market in the US today is controlled by powerful lobbies who can feed people crap including E.Coli, how processed food has become a disgusting, inhumane business, how by buying from mass production we feed the system that maintain us into slavery, intelectually, physically, financially.

Alot of children's animations, when you think about it are against things like eating and hunting animals? In babe you didn't want him to be eaten, in fox and the hound you didn't want fox being shot, and you cried when Bambi's mother died.

Wall-E was a movie pro-green lifestyle. Not animals, but environmentalist and very important.

Vegetarianism or animal rights isn't often a topic supported in movies, though they are hinted at and hidden often.

Yes Elizabeth ! So that reminds me of 2 japanese animations :

One is called Princess Mononoke : clearly environment protection oriented and about living in harmony with nature and animals

The other is Sen to Shihiro, i don't know in English, also has some pro envrionment protection message in it.

Both can be enjoyed by adults. The 1st one could be al ittle scary for young children, maybe under8/9 years old.

Sen to Shihiro 's english title is Spirited away.

There is no way I would watch any of these movies.  I get it, I get it.


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