Hey guys! I just wish to know what are the effects experienced since becoming vegetarian/vegan?

Personally, I had quite some positive changes since becoming vegetarian back in 3 April, 2013 and recently, 90% vegan (with some eggs and dairy in baked goods, difficult to avoid since I am always in social occasions, and eggs in veggie dishes when there are no other choice of vegan dishes available while eating out). The changes are as follows:

  • lost weight as a vegetarian. Gained recently due to knee injury, but working to lose them!
  • clearer skin, minimal breakouts
  • no facial moisturiser necessary! Yay for less chemicals on my face and less support on animal testing, not to mention, save money.
  • more energy
  • need less sleep
  • become more aware on the relationship between the nature and human life (e.g. effects of meat eating on the environment and world hunger)
  • dare to experiment with food previously unknown to me like almond, walnuts, dairy-free milk and avocado-time to get creative!
  • appreciate natural food more. I find commercial processed food disgusting. I get sick at the smell of them, like shelf-stable muffins, for example.
  • More calm and composed.

How about your experiences since becoming vegetarian or vegan? I would love to hear from you :)

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The exact same as you :) Life becomes much brighter, and I started seeing colors around me more vibrantly.

I also felt that my taste buds became very alive, so I started loving all flavors and textures of fruits and vegetables.

I start actually reading ingredients on the back of each thing I eat, and I feel much more detoxified. I feel as though my body has cleaner blood and organs.

Letting go of meat is actually a very euphoric feeling, it feels like you are more grounded, intuitive and emotional (In a positive way).

There seems to be less stress in my life, I feel I want to do way more things, and I meet so many new people and find out about so many organizations which are related to nature, animals, spirituality etc which I would have never looked at back when I ate meat!

I never thought that being a vegetarian could really make that much of an impact on my life. It's an absolutely huge impact!

So true! I love the textures of fruits and vegetables now too, along with the nutty flavours of unrefined grains :D

I now avoid packaged processed food if possible, to save the time used on reading labels filled with technical jargon, to eat as natural as possible, and to save money and reduce the consumption of food packaging.

I also agree that I freak out less in life, too. Sure, there are bound to be naysayers giving claims like the "must" of eating animal protein, the inabilities of vegetarians to change the world, etc. Who cares? I believe that as vegetarians and vegans, we are doing the best to make a change to ourselves, our society, and the world, one step at a time. Pescaterians, for example, do put more effort than traditional omnivores because at least they spare the legged animals free.

I'm glad to make new veggie friends who give me support in life, too!

Oh, I forgot to mention:

Being a college student myself, I would like to urge students to become vegetarians because they will benefit in the long run! (I don't know how to spread the message out, though...)

  • save on medical bills due to health
  • save on money-no need coffee for energy, medical bills, vegetarian food is usually cheaper than meat
  • save your body-you need less and less chemicals such as perfume, makeup and fancy facial products as your body becomes cleaner, your mind turns clearer, and you become more beautiful gradually...
  • peaceful mind which is important to study
  • make good friends-religious, health, etc. You may not want to booze anymore :)

I am hopefully attending University next year, and this motivation is actually very helpful! Thanks! :)

You're welcome, Alisa!

In fact, I only turned vegetarian in college, where being a vegetarian is perceived as being difficult. You just have to find your way around, and enjoy life fully as a vegetarian student. All the best!


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