Hi all.

I was just wondering what political views people have on this site. I'd define my views as very left wing and I'm pretty much an anarchist.

Does anyone share my views as I don't have many friends that I can confide in.

Thanks :)


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I identify with anarchy, and I'm certainly a left wing hippy, but I've never really done much background reading in regards to political ideologies. So I know there's various flavours of anarchy but I couldn't tell you which one fits my views the best.

Personal freedom is important to me (within moral/ethical boundaries of course) and unfortunately we live in a political and economic age where these freedoms are prohibited by money, power and social convention. I find solace in the Idler philosophy/way of life and dedicate my life to the pursuit of happiness, fulfillment and living well. 'Well' is defined by my ethics, 'fulfillment' comes through participating in activities I enjoy and find rewarding, and I attain happiness as a result of the previous two. That's the theory anyway... Easier said than done.

Personally, I'm an Anarchist. Politics is very important to me and I'm a part of the local Anarcho-Syndicalist movement.

Never commit to any regimes and parties though you may pretend to do so.

Always be watchful on what they're doing, because pigs never stop eating whenever they have chances to do so. Keep in mind that no sheep loves to live in a pigsty.

How a politician prides himself prophesies how he is going to shit on the people. Deceitfulness can be recognized by watching how they promote superiority and prides.

Good or bad, a government is just a mirror reflecting the quality and traits of its people. Stupidity can be seen on how the people idolize their leaders. Therefore moralists and activists are more important than politicians and celebrities.

Never take politics as World Cup priding oneself with one's favorite team. because superiority and hooliganism lead to degradation and stupidity.

Patriotism is a big shame in the globalization era!

Well said ! 

So most of your friends are right wing? Or do you mean you don't have many friends that call themselves anarchists? :D I also don't know many anarchists, but most of my (better) friends are left wing oriented. I wouldn't call myself an anarchist ( although I like the idea of (social) anarchism. I just find it very hard to imagine a world where a situation like that is achievable), I am more of a 'new left'-person :D


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