So I have a vegetarian friend who states they will order a non-vegetarian meal and pick the meat out if no vegetarian option is available and to me this seems so wrong and is something I personally would not do because there could still be bits of meat or even the fats and juices of meat still in the meal.

I asked a few more of my vegetarian friends and it seems quite a lot of them do this too.
I want to know other peoples opinions on this? Would you ever pick the meat off or out of something or just avoid it and find something else? 

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I wouldn't do it, personally, but everyone has their own ideas of what's acceptable to them :) 

Neither would I

No point getting what won't be consumed/used. If the food serving place has been notified that the customer is a vegetarian they either have something or must admit they don't so the customer can go straight to somewhere else that does

I absolutely agree

No. I might fast if there's no veggie option. I would order water only or juice if it came to that. If that bothers my companions, maybe they'll consider that next time. But typically if someone wants to go out to eat, I try to clarify where I am as a vegetarian and we pick someplace that will supply what I need.
   Most sit-down restaurants will try. I have a favorite Indian restaurant in a nearby city, not a veg place but which has always been honest and helpful, and the manager has even made special dishes for me at no extra charge. And when I'm eating in there, I make sure to tip well.
  We're still in the minority (so far), so we have to speak up early and explain. It goes against my introverted nature, but I do it anyway. Coming up on 50 years veg, not giving up now!

HI, Sophie,

It has been suggested to me to "just pick the meat out" of a meal. This is repulsive to me. The meat is cooked with the other ingredients and there will be the flavor and juices from the meat in it even if the meat is removed. Some meat eaters do not get this and think that I am being difficult and picky. It is up to me what I eat not anyone else. Just like I would not demand for others not to eat meat. Everyone has the right to choose without judgement from others.

To me the food would be as contaminated as if I had found cockroaches (or worse) in it. Also, if you deliberately order food that has meat in it, you are only ordering more dead animals.  They will continue making more of what people continue buying.  That's not something I want to be a part of in any way.

Like you mentioned, there could still be the juices in the meal.  I absolutely wouldn't and have to be honest am not overly keen on vegetarians who have a nonchalant approach to it.  But then again each to their own.

That fact that money was spent for the item with meat means that you just contributed the the brutalization of that animal's parts that you just pick off.  Until restaurants and grocery stores see that there is no profit in adding meat to foods, it is pointless to do something like that. 

Good questions.

The Ladder to Veganism is LONG and if "picking meat out" is how they progress themselves, no judging here.  However, some better options from a 27 yr veteran would be:

DO order the meat dish, with NO meat. Restaurants will accommodate, but it will also cost the same :(  

Sometimes, my husband orders my dish with "meat on the side"  This way, it's cook separately & we get what we paid for.   Many restaurants today substitute meat with tofu, or mushrooms, or potatoes.  Even if it is not on the menu, my husband let's the server know, I'm a Vegan and would you believe a Secret Menu is usually revealed?!   Everyone ends up wanting to trying MY DISH! 

Options are endless....Enjoy the journey, Climb the Ladder :)


I wouldn't do that. I've had people tell me to do that as well and I try to explain to them that there could still be pieces of meat in the food or juices from the meat. I've even had people tell me before, "You can't even taste the meat in it!" lol Just because I can't taste it, doesn't mean it's not there. :P

I think, this is done by those who consider themselves vegetarians out of "health" purposes only. Can't imagine how one who is compassionate to animals and treats meat as a piece of a corpse can do that. I wouldn't. But different folks have different views :)

By ordering a non-veg meal, one creates demand.....

If there is or has been some meat in a dish, I'm certainly not going to eat it. You can pick meat but you can't pick fats and juices. If a cafe or restaurant doesn't have a vegetarian option, well, I order no food there.


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