I'm a huge huge reptile fan and I've considered for a long time on getting a lizard of some sort. Most of them require live feeding of worms/crickets etc.

But I keep thinking it goes against everything that I should believe in. I would have to create a cricket colony for the sole purpose of feeding them to my lizard, that's not nice? I don't know if this is acceptable or not.

There is a vegetarian species which I would be more comfortable with but obviously they are very rare and expensive.

Also this semi links into pet food which contain meat like regular dog food.

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Nice reply, all valid points!

Maybe have to look for rescued ones.

Thank you!

I'm of a different opinion, I don't have a problem with owning pets - especially when you're rescuing them from a kill shelter, an abusive environment, or the like.  Think of it this way, if you don't take in that lizard, where will it go?  They aren't going to just return the lizard back to the wild simply because you personally don't want it.  Someone, somewhere will be taking that lizard and doing the same thing to a colony of crickets.  The difference here could be that you can control how you treat these creatures, whereas you can't control how someone else might.  That particular lizard's fate is already determined - it's going to be sold, but you have the opportunity to make it's life as fulfilling as possible.  Kudos to you!  Although I do think trying to find a rescued reptile would be my first choice.  

Except that you aren't killing these lizards or dogs, and you aren't leaving them in a bad environment either... so it's not really like that at all is it?  It's nice for you that you gain a sense of certainty and significance through your anger and your commitment to these grand ideas.  The problem is, you forget the individual.  The individual lizard or dog or cat that is in a bad situation, and is then saved.  I saw this picture on Facebook the other day, and it was an image of an animal rescue person and a dog and the caption said something to the effect of, adopting one dog doesn't change the world, but for that one dog, her entire world changes.  

I think you and I just have different priorities.  You seem to be, and correct me of course if I'm wrong, more focused on the bigger picture and moving towards an idealized goal.  I am more focused on helping individuals in the here and now.  Neither are bad priorities, and I do think that we need both kinds of people making both of those kinds of efforts in order to effect any change. 

Animals n the wild eat meat. That is the way it is. If you have or adopt an animal that is supposed to eat meat, you provide for it.

Myself, I have 6 cats and 4 dogs. I have no problem with feeding meat even though I don't eat it myself because I owe it to them to do what is best for them and that is what they eat naturally.

I would love to own a snake if it was a rescue. I would not buy one as I really don't think it's great to keep one in a cage. However, if there was already one kept in a cage that was a rescue that needed a home I would consider it and have. I considered small snakes that eat crickets. I could not handle a larger snake that eats mice and rabbits because there is no way I could stick a live animal bigger than a bug in with a predator and not be traumatized. However, those that do are doing nothing wrong, that is what the animal needs and would eat in the wild and they owe it to their pets to give them the best nutrition possible. 

I am making the decision of what is in the best interests of my pets, whom my first loyalty is to. I adopted them and I am responsible for them. What do yo suggest I do? Release my poodles in to the wild, where they cannot groom themselves and would die from their skin rotting, so they can hunt for themselves and give the prey, a "fair chance"?

It's really not that cruel.  What would be cruel is to have a pet lion, and feed it nothing but lettuce while it slowly starves to death alone in a dark room in a cage that's too small for it to move.  That would be cruel.  Or as, as Erika said, release your pet poodle into the wild where it has absolutely no chance of surviving and will suffer a long and painful death.  That too would be cruel.

The point here, is that death is not cruel.  I don't disagree that there is something, perhaps arrogant? about humans thinking they have the right to decide the fate of other beings.  But this is life, we make choices, and the best we can ever do is try to make the least negative impact with our choices, and be happy  You cannot expect perfection from everyone, and unfortunately the way of the world is such that a choice that might be right for one life may be wrong for another.  There are no perfect choices.  You can't make this as black and white of an issue as you are, because it's just not.  

I've been considering getting a lizard too and I felt uncertain about it, because of the thought of putting live insects in to die. :/
Thankyou for the topic though, the comments have helped loads!

I have a snake that was abused.  I have had him over five years now.  I used to breed and sell rats to other reptile people.  But I became a vegan and it really played on my emotions on how to handle it.  So I quit breeding and selling to the public.  I still have rats and they are all very well cared for (always have been) and I no longer  breed.  Rats have a short life span of 2 to 3 years.  I have not bought any new ones and when these pass I will not replace them.   Its a very hard line to walk when you already have the pet and then become vegan.  The snake was born in captivity and the rats I own were as well.  So I think giving them the best quality of life is what you can do because they cannot go into the wild they would surely die.  And in most states releasing a snake into the wild is a crime.  So I keep my snake and the rats I have remaining and care for them.  But it will be hard for me to buy rats for his consumption.  But if I sell/give him away I feel that would disrupt his way of life and traumatize him again and I couldn't do that. 

Its makes it hard.


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