McDonald's suppliers use outdated methods of slaughter that causes tremendous suffering to the chickens. Chickens slaughtered for McDonald's are hung up in metal shackles, which can cause broken bones, and then their throats are slit while they are fully conscious. Some birds miss the blade and are dunked into defeathering tanks and are boiled alive. Take a stand against this cruelty and boycott McDonalds. Also, go for more information.

but HERE ..WE FIND PETA sticking their nose in this.. ..I am a vegan but I DON'T like PETA..they kill animals more than saving them. I READ the article and shared it BUT i also read that "Since 2002, PETA has been urging major food retailers to switch from the standard form of poultry slaughter, electric immobilization, to a less cruel method called "controlled-atmosphere killing" (CAK)."

so they go from wanting meat eaters to NOT kill animals and that its killing them in a less harsh way? WTF PETA? not only that..but they applaude the use of "lab grown meat?"  instead of encouraging tofukey and  morning star products?   I dislike PETA. 

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I agree, and when they do go out for a cause, there methods often alienate more people than the attract.

factory farm = Auschwitz for animals.

people always have opinions of who is right and who is wrong. I think Peta does a lot of amazing things on many levels. so I am glad they are there.

it must be tough being a large group doing positive things but have numerous pressures to run their projects so that mistakes are made along the way.

but nobody points fingers at people without organizations who answer to no one, like people who date meat eaters and are sponsored from blood money from fast food joints or military operations. some how those people are innocent or if we argue with them about their money sources, there dominance and strength come out because of the positions there non-vegan family contacts hold.

so just saying that its a lot safer to appreciate the good that people do, if they do any good. what is critiquable, I think is okay, but it is their actions which are critiquable, not their overal character.

that's my two cents anyway.

PETA get a lot of bad press about some of there methods and actions, but most people don't try to dig deeper to find out what their long-term plan is when campaigning against corporates and the other realities they have to deal with.

Often it's unrealistic to try to force something like the McDonalds monster to stop killing altogether, so a global organisation like PETA will try to do it in stages, like what you've described above. Baby steps. You need to fight the battles you can win, when you can win them, and keep pushing on towards the ultimate goal.

Lab-grown-meat is another example of a step in the cruelty-free direction. If no actual animal comes to harm, then why not? If viable, it could be the ultimate solution. PETA can't be seen as an organisation promoting certain products, it they'll be accused of having hidden agendas. It has to be about promoting cruelty-free choices only.

With regard to killing animals themselves - what do you do when you have loads of shelter animals who you can't find homes for and can't afford to house and maintain indefinitely? Your heart tears and you try to have them put down as gently as possible, because you have no other choice.

Look at the bigger picture. Nobody is perfect and we have to work with what we have. PETA overall are one of the most powerful forces for animal welfare in the world historically. Unfortunately when organisations like this are this big and this well-known, they become targets. Don't be so quick to condemn them.

Know what I mean?

PETA = PR conspiracy possibly?

Completely agree with Raw Rage, PETA tends to alienate with their preachy, aggressive, at times obnoxious, seemingly non compassionate actions. But I dont doubt their intent. Be it the controversy about euthanasia killings or more humane ways to kill - its something they are fairly transparent about, which I do appreciate. Incidentally just yesterday saw the Toronto water for pigs video, my heart literally crumbled at that sight...they're still going to die, the non believers are not going to convert overnight, if that journey can be made any better, oh then by all means make it so! PETA's deal should not be viewed as the end of the journey but a step in the right direction, a nudge, a small shift...the efforts dont stop here, thats where they begin


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