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I started working on a farm in Malta this year and i had done a course in Creating permaculture landscapes and forest gardens. I've learned a lot and it showed me that it's possible to live in a society based on monetary systems but still have respect to mother nature and the creatures on it.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a holistic design philosophy and the art and science of creating community eco-systems in which plants, animals, human beings, and all forms of ecological diversity interact to produce a prolific, ecologically-sound, and regenerative system that can support itself and life indefinitely.

'' To understand Nature better, we first need to recognise the roles of its basic patterns'' Michael S Schneider.


Permaculture Paradise: Val & Eli's Summer Abundance Part 1!

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Permaculture and the Myth of Scarcity

There are more video's and documentaries to see :)

How to join? It's easy, there are almost 1700 projects all over the world who need your help.You can search for them on: http://www.permacultureglobal.com/

Worldwide working on organic farms, Wwoof. Facebook group Wwoof

A website for Wwoofing: Wwoofindependents

Or start for yourself at home, maybe you have a plot of land. Possibilities are endless.

I am looking for a place to go and volunteer or someone with a plot of land who is willing to design a Permaculture garden, in Europe would be the best because it's easy to travel but i'm willing to move further away.

Enjoy, sharing is caring!! Think Globally - Act Locally. Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share

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Thank you for your interest, have fun exploring Permaculture. It is absolutely beautiful :)


Anyone interested in Free Lectures about Permaculture?

Open Permaculture <- click here for free knowledge.

On this website you can find more information about the fundamentals, ethics, climates, plants etc. of Permaculture, enjoy it's free :)

www.permies.com/forums is a good source for info on permaculture. There's even a section on veg*n permaculture.

Thanks a lot Sam, i will check it out!!


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