How do you feel about owning pets? Is it morally sound, or is it not? 

I am also curious how vegetarian/vegans feel about buying non-vegetarian pet food (vegetarian pet food is very expensive!) Would that not still be supporting the industry, or are you concerned with personal consumption only?

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Of course our cats stay in the house!  Going outside condemns them to disease, traffic or poisonous plants.  Yes they "hunt" but it's just sock puppets.   If you want a natural diet, try the poop that chimps eat (according to Goodall).  That, according to your logic, would please you!  You obviously have been brainwashed by the huge meat+dairy industry so there's no point at all in trying to reach any intellectual discussion any more.

So basically you deprive your cats of EVERYTHING thats natural to them! Well done you, you are no better than a zoo keeper. You choose their environment and their diet neither as nature intended. Strange that my cats have always been on a meat based diet and have always been allowed out and none of theese problems have ever arisen. O and photo you attached clearly shows the animals outside! I have not been brainwashed by any one and this includes by yourself. As I have a degree in mammalion biology I understand on a higher level of digestion and nutrition and feeding than you would like to believe. You have actually brainwashed yourself that only your opinion is right. That anybody else who dares to oppose you. I suppose the reason that many big cats are on the near threatened list is because of their meat based diet and not the fact they are hunted and environments are being destroyed.

Ok well according to J. Goodall, chimps eat poop, so if "natural" is your criterion, then have at it, just don't foist it on your cats.  I've had 7 cats on Vegepet, starting in 1989 and all have lived without cancerous tumors.  Prior to that I had 9 cats on so-called "natural meat" and "Science" diets.  All developed tumors in the last quarter of their life, or had other debilitating diseases!  But my statistics are only reinforced by thousands of others; I've done lots of research and the Vegepet is based on years of clinical trials.  You, Kirsty, are only speaking out of ignorance, I'm sorry to say.  Shame you never read even that one link I sent!  And my cats go out on the deck but there are no animals for them to kill there.

Last I checked I wasn't a chimp... Not sure what the chimp comment has to do with anything.

Neither do I but there is a reason for them to do this I think he is just opposed to anything that is a natural behaviour bearing in mind he has contradicted himself already
No im speaking from what ive found 19 cats with no tumours over a 30 year life span. O n when chimps do that its because they only eat certain types of poo as thry cant extract all the required nutrients out of the food first time round so like many other animals do this. Carnivores dont do this though so no surprisingly i dont expect my cats to do this. What actually shows the ignorance that is yours is evrrytime i pick a fault in your answers you feel the need to insult myself calling me brainwashed and ignorant. It is a typical militant reaction as you must be right. Even though that photo you sent shows the animals outside but of course yours are not allowed out hence they cant actually be your companions.
O and I have clicked on everylink you supplied they lead to advertisement for your product. No scientific research on them. My pets will always have there nature intended diets and look and are perfectly heathy.

If it wasn't for scientific research it wouldn't be possible to even consider vegetarian cats. Thankfully we now know what nutrients are necessary for cats to thrive on and can obtain those nutrients without killing animals. Taurine is a good example. This is a vital amino acid that almost all mammals synthesize from other amino acids, but cats lost that ability thousands of years ago (lacking the necessary enzyme). Taurine is now available in synthesized form from non animal sources and works as well as that from animal flesh (even better since it is directly utilized without needing digestion). One particular nutrient is a fatty acid that is extremely rare in the vegetable kingdom but necessary for cats, that obtain it from flesh. That fatty acid we found is a seaweed which is a primary ingredient in Vegecat.

From one of the scientific Q&A sections you were either unwilling or unable to seek and find.  Do your research and do a service to your pets.

Bearing in mind my cat is on a hypoallergenic diet due to the fact he can not digest many of the filler ingredients in your product I certainly would not feed him this food especially as it has unatural synthesised ingredients so it unbearably clear that I already do the best for my cats and feed him the best diet for his needs

If you would read the research on the site, you'd realize that there is absolutely no need for a "hypoallergenic" diet, which has been foisted upon you by the vet/meat/dairy machine.  Such a shame, seems people like you will do anything to justify the status quo, even allowing cruelty and horror into your house.  I bet you're not even a vegetarian yourself.  It's on your conscience.

One im actually a vegetarian have been for 17 years, who actually does not eat any whole dairy herself. So youll find soy milk in my fridge and no eggs etc etc. Secondly one point my cats on a hypoallergenic diet is he is a ragdoll. Ragdoll renal failure is directly linked to lactose intake. And also he used to be fed on lactose free foods but they werent full hypoallergenic foods. He suffered from gastric reflux, lethargic, lost weight and near on constant diarrhoea. I not my vet then put him on a hypoallergenic diet and for the last three and a halfyears hes been a happy healthy cat with no gastric disturbance. Hes now four years old and the best thing ive ever done for him is stop listening to the vet for dietary advice. So go look up the long words and take another couple of days to attempt to look clever and attempt to insult me. Although your rigid militant attitude is becoming rather boring and pathetic.

I am curious about this too! As someone who still lives with their parents (and they buy non-veg dog food), I'm glad you brought this up! I probably would have never thought about it. Parts of me know that dogs eat meat in the wild and that it's actually better for them than for us, HOWEVER I do think that if I could make a difference I would, so I wouldn't buy food with meat. I think if it's your lifestyle, then you should try to control as much of it for your animals as you can. Obviously dogs and cats will always hunt naturally, but that's not supporting the industry. 


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