How do you feel about owning pets? Is it morally sound, or is it not? 

I am also curious how vegetarian/vegans feel about buying non-vegetarian pet food (vegetarian pet food is very expensive!) Would that not still be supporting the industry, or are you concerned with personal consumption only?

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Owning a pet is saving their life. You know that the pet will have a good life with you, whereas if they get adopted by someone else they could be mistreated (again), or don't get adopted at all. I'd get another animal in a heartbeat if I was allowed to. (No pets in my rental)

However, on the topic of buying pet food, (using dogs and cats as examples) they are carnivores. That is how Nature made them. They have a tendency to get ill if it's just veggies. Organic, wheat-free brands, or like Lauren said, making your own food for them, is the way to go.

I agree w/Lauren that this is a good topic. I think that would depend on the pet since some pets were bred for domestication.I do not believe that birds or wild animals should be pets. Last week, when I went into petco, I thought about buying a bird so that I could set it free.

As for food, there are books about vegan dogs but a cat is a carnivore. I actually tried to make my cat vegan which proved disastrous. I wrote a post about it:

The best food for carnivores is raw meat and blood.

Vegan Pet has a great range of Vegan pet food here in Australia i sure they export as well; here is a link to their online store check it out :)

Dogs are carnivores so feeding vegetarian is not really a healthy option. Is it morally sound for me to save two lovely furry friends who are part of my family and love and care for the whole of their lives? My older dog lived his life In a no kill shelter in a large enclosure until we adopted him. Was it better for him to stay in a cage than live in a house, get affection and love, and be part of our family. I do not make enough $ to make organic dog food but we are and love our furry friends as much as anyone

Dogs are omnivorous and can, actually, live on a vegan diet, so long as they receive the right nutrients. Cats cannot survive without meat though.

I'm not saying anything about the way you feed them being right or wrong; feed them however you can to keep them healthy and happy. (I have two cats.) Just pointing out that they can live on a vegan diet.

Not true about cats!  Over the past 23 I've been feeding my 7 cats and 8 dogs a recipe I cook and supplement with the product called VegePet (
I started in 1991 and bought their book, "Vegetarian Cats & Dogs" (see their website above) and have had no problems at all (even though I am notoriously lazy with cooking in general!).  My two cats, now in their 'teens, still show amazing energy and are very beautiful.  The average age of all my cats and dogs has been 15, including one cat which was born with a congenital heart defect. My present dog has great energy.  (I am not adopting any more pets since 2 years ago, since I have recently joined the US Foreign Service as a diplomat and will have to travel extensively for next decade; my 3 pets I have now will travel with me, of course.)
None of my animals has had any adverse health effects (except some brief indigestion when some petsitter accidentally gave them some meat kibbles!).  Their teeth are clean and white and their eyes are clear and fur is sleek.  They are not obese, like my prior animals used to be (and practically all American pets are!).
I cook for the dogs a big pot once every two weeks and keep it in the 'fridge.  As you'll discover from the VegePet site, there are many recipes, but for my pets, ingredients are mainly garbanzo beans, with some added rice, and vegetables and corn oil and a bit of soy sauce for flavor. I mash everything up with a potato masher while it's hot. Then I add the powdered VegeDog mineral/vitamin supplement from VegePet.  When I feed them, I fill 3/4 of their bowl with rolled oats I get from the health food store in bulk and add the cooked stuff from the pot.  They love it!
I cook for the cats a big pot once every month and divide it into little plastic containers and keep most in the freezer and bring a container down to the 'fridge when needed.  As with the dogs, ingredients are mainly garbanzo beans, with some added rice and vegetables, but I use non-oleic canola oil.  I mix up everything cooked, plus the appropriate quantity of VegeCat powdered suppment and some additional uncooked slices of either avocado or corn, in a Cuisine-art mixer and glop the resulting mix into the plastic containers.  (I don't make it completely liquidy in the mixer, however, as the cats like a little texture and something to chew.)
Transitioning cats, even a feral cat, to the VegeCat food has been easy. 
Most of us vegetarians love animals, so it's only natural that we would want to close the ethical loop by completely eliminating any ties to the slaughterhouse.  No reason to pay exorbitant prices for store-bought veg pet food.
There's NO reason at all that you, too, cannot avoid being a hypocrite and now have a cruelty-free diet for your pet.  Cat owners, this means you!

I wouldn't say "owning" like that, dogs are companions if you've ever had a dog have you ever left for a few hours and came back and saw how excited they were to see you?? Dogs and other pets I feel it's more like a friendship

I have multiple rescue pets and rehomed pets including two cats. They are both fed high quality meat based diets. I would not dream of giving them a vegetarain food due to the fact that a cat is a carnivore and thats what the digestive system is designed to digest. I honestly dont think it is right to try and force my diet onto an animal I care for 

Well Kirsty it's your choice of course, since the poor animal has no voice, but you are condemning your pets to cancer and tumors in the latter quarter of their life.  And why do you believe that it's moral to sacrifice many lovely and sentient animals like cows and chickens (unnecessarily, as you have healthful vegepet product mentioned above now) in order to feed one pet?  Where are your humane values exactly? Do proper research and you'll reconsider your blind acceptance of what the huge petfood industry markets!

As a fact really no not at all I have had carnivore pets all my life and not one has had a tumour or cancer in their latter quarter of there life! Cats are carnivores simple as they are designed to digest meat. Bearing in mind one of them has to be on a hypoallergenic diet which means no soy no dairy no wheat thats what will make him ill. Or how about I provide him with a insufficent diet and force supplements down his neck? So do not try and lecture myself about what food a carnivore is especially a cat that needs meat and fish in their diet to get taurine a taurine difficient cat is an ill cat! Trying to make me fearful that they will get tumours is disgusting behaviour when i know through past experience and qualifications it does not apply to felines as it dies with humans

I recommend you do some research, and we'll just leave it at that.  For example, on "People often remark what beautiful coats my cats have, and how bright and shiny their eyes are, and they ask me what I feed them. Naturally I am happy to spread the word about vegan recipes and VegePet. Vets especially are quite surprised, having believed they needed meat.

I think you can’t argue with over ten years of health on a vegan diet! If they ‘needed’ meat, surely they would have wasted away by now! Thanks for all the research so that other animals no longer need to suffer and die for the purpose of feeding our pets."

Here is a photo of my 6 vegan pets.  The cats have a total of 33 years of age, most of which is as vegans (they were rescued as kittens).  Vet tests testify to their robust health. 
'nuff said!

Not enough said at all with the fact that ive had 19 cats including the two I have now not one of them has had cancer or a tumour. So your fact that im condeming mine to this is simply not a fact. And it is simply disgusting that you tried a pathetic little trick like that with me. I suppose none of your cats go out? Thats the only way you can sucessfully say your cat eats no meat. They are a natural hunter. The human race has messed about and played god with animals enough without an animals keeper depriving it of its natural diet


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