How do you feel about owning pets? Is it morally sound, or is it not? 

I am also curious how vegetarian/vegans feel about buying non-vegetarian pet food (vegetarian pet food is very expensive!) Would that not still be supporting the industry, or are you concerned with personal consumption only?

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Good topic :)!!! This comes up quite often. I would say, for your dog's best interest, it's best to make the food yourself. I realize that's really inconvenient- I'm sure there are nice organic brands- but a lot of popular brands cut costs by purchasing euthanized pets from the shelters :( That just depresses me, far too much. I have a friend who makes her three huskies their own meals every day :) It's a labor of love, like cooking for the rest of the family I suppose. It's what I plan to do anyways if I ever adopt <3

That sounds quite smart! You never know what they put into the food.

Very true :(

I do not know, but I know that lots of the food comes in boxes and are really cheap, which never is a good sign. I would not eat it.

Meh that's fine! Fresh answers are always good :)! To be honest I'm really ignorant about what goes into dog food, I just remember hearing that they use ground up pets from shelters and ever since then have been creeped out, lol. I believe Iams is one of these brands.

What Iams and Eukanuba both do is test their products on animals in laboratory type settings. They often take animals from shelters as its cheaper. They feed the animal their product for an set amount of time then kill the animal to see if the food has improved their hair/nail quality. Sometimes they will feed an animal and kill it half an hour later so they can examine its digestive tract and see how easily the food is being digested.

I have nothing against vegetarian dog food but my pit bull puppy eats Taste of the Wild dog food which is supposed to be more like wolf food so it's grain free and organic but it is made up of meat. I do however give him wheat free organic vegetarian and vegan dog treats that he loves. Currently he munches on italian herbs and cheese dog treats and his dog food is made with bison.

i guess it depends on the animal.  domesticated dogs n cats are now our responsibility. my pets (two dogs) seem very happy.  they predom eat vegetarian.  i make a lot of their food, but there are dog food co that make vegetarian formula's. i also give them supplements.  I am surprised when people place cost over values.  Owning a pet is a responsibility and following through on one's beliefs against animal cruelty is not always a cheaper option.   if you are switching your pets takes time though, mix the two and ease off the non veg version slowly.  most dogs love vegtables (ofcourse stay away from the ones which will make them sick),

I think growing up with an animal pal is a really good experience for a child. But only if they learn to treat this animal with respect of course. I migh see myself as the owner of my cat and call her "my cat", but I know that she thinks that I am "her human" and that she is my owner - so I guess it is alright. :- )

Yeah, that was kind of what I was thinking about. I call my girlfriend "my girlfriend", like I am her owner, but she calls me "my boyfriend", like she is my owner too. But there is of course alot more usual to act like you own your child or your animal, and this is also something you can abuse.

I also feel bad about that. I once had a hamster, actually, but that was because a class mate gave it away because she was going to have a dog. I didn't want the hamster to be killed, so I took it - but I always felt really bad about having it in a cage, and I still think about it even though it's alot of years ago now! If you have to put the animal in a cage, you shouldn't have it at all - the cage is so that the animal shall not run away, because it doesn't want to be your pet. If the animal liked to be your pet, you wouldn't need a cage. Quite logical. 

But there is different perspectives. A friend of mine had her bunny in a cage almost all the time. (They did some jumping every monday or something) The cage was outside (lonely) and very, very small, so that he couldn't stand up or jump or anything. She did only have one bunny, and bunnys are not supposed to be lonesome. But we do also have those who don't need to cage a rabbit because the rabbit doesn't want to fly away anyways. Someone can even take their bird to the buss with no cage around it, because the bird just sit on your shoulder and relax. I knew a guy who had two rats and one bird - they even lived in a boat - and he never had a cage for them. 

When I was little we kept a rabbit in a cage. I never thought about how cruel that was until I grew up. I've seen rabbit owners, however, who let their rabbits live like one of the family. No cages. They give them a room or the backyard so they can run around and feel the grass under their feet; they run around the house and are even litter trained. When I saw how much differently some people treat animals, like family rather than pets, that does make me feel better. It also makes me sad to know because- if certain animals don't have places in the home, they have no place anywhere. They'll be killed, as you said :'( "Life in a cage or no life at all" doesn't seem to be fair choices xo

I have a rabbit who is in a hutch outside for night and the morning but when I get home from school I let him out in fence where he has a ton of room to run around, dig, and sunbathe. Not to mention my dad and I custom-built his hutch and it is huge. He has tons of room. I also have a leopard gecko and three anoles. Leopard geckos are solitary creatures that occupy only a small space when in the wild, they hardly ever move around. He has a pretty large tank and I let him explore my room every day while I do homework and what not. My brown anole I rescued while on vacation, His tail had been ripped off and infected and anoles are very "plentiful" so nobody down there cared so I brought him home. The other two were domestic. They have a pretty large tank too and they're social and happy. In the summer I actually let them outside in my father's organic garden and get them back into the tank before the cold. Cages are OK as long as they're large and the animals get out frequently. That's my opinion anyways  (:


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