All of my products are made from only Organic, Vegan and Kosher ingredients. If you have a certain scent you like you can just go to my website and order it, but if you want to know which essential oils will help your sleepless nights, low energy, anxiety/depression, chronic pain or any other ailment you can complete my questionnaire on my website and then I can analyze the results and suggest which oil or oils would be helpful for you. I am an aromatherapist and I love to help my clients lessen or completely get rid of the symptoms that are bothering them. I am also a chronic pain patients who was unable to walk and now I am back on my feet! Let me know if I can assist you in any way! Namaste ❤

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Thank you Jennifer! I make lotions too, it would be interesting to share some tips if you're interested. Like, what kinds of Butters you like, where it is better to buy them etc. Write me a message please!


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