Hey :)

Nice to meet you all. I'm a newish vegetarian, but I as I hate cooking I rarely ever ate meat in the first place anyway aside from the occasional bacon strip, so giving it up isn't going to be an issue at all. I love animals and live with two sweet, friendly and super affectionate cats. In the past I've had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and a cockateil (however you spell that) all been wonderful loving animals and lived long happy lives.

I worked at a boarding kennels and cattery and veterinary center years ago before attending University and I now work as a freelance artist and illustrator who loves drawing animals,so if you would like any commissions doing feel free to ask. The money I earn always goes to a good cause as it is my dream to combine my two greatest passions: Art and Animal Conservation. I took part in a big cat conservation trip to Kenya a few years back which was funded mainly through the money I had earned through commissions. It was incredible!

If any one has any tips for a newbie official vegetarian I'd be happy to hear any advice you could give. I already know to avoid meat, gelatin, and most cheeses due to stomach lining, but if there is anything else I need to avoid please let me know. I'm just going veggie for the moment, but happy to try vegan products so long as they are not too expensive.

 Thank you! x

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