would you stop being vegetarian if your doctor told you that you are lacking Vitamin B or E or Iron or something?

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Actually you don't have to stop being vegetarian because they make vegan supplements if you're worried about it.

It's really 50/50. I heard this woman died of nutrient defeciency or something and she said: eat meat. That could be how i feel. But if it's at the point of death, eating meat can't really reverse the damages already done. It depends really. People resort to cannibalism in extreme conditions, for example the people in north korea...

Never! If someone is lacking in anything is because they are eating something like sugar, salt, or white flour which depletes nutrients. Or they are taking medications or chemical supplements which also deplete interfere with the absorption of  or deplete nutrients.

First of all doctors don't have much knowledge of nutritions and smart docs admit that. Secondly, you can always get supplements. I personally use multivit. from Mega Foods for women( it's whole food, no artificial thing) and vit b12 methylcobalamin ( as this is much better absorbed). We have to remember that a lot of meet eaters are Vit. and mineral deficient , including vit.b12 and deficiency is more connected with poor lifestyle not choice of being vege. I'm a very active person. I do fitness classes 4 times a week, teach and yoga 4 times a week, practice 5 times, no deficiency and tone of energy


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