would you stop being vegetarian if your doctor told you that you are lacking Vitamin B or E or Iron or something?

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For instance, would you rather die if you had to eat meat for your health and survival?

No, I would rather stay healthy and alive if that scenerio were to be a reality. Thankfully it is not.   

Doctor's know nothing, when it comes to nutrition. I would never put myself before another living being. Not made that way. I would find another source for sure.

well I guess a nutritionist might know something about health.

but that is pretty bold what you say.  are you sure?  what other sources are reliable for sure?  I have heard that the sources of iron from vegetables are unreliable or not strong enough.

I would go to a vegan nutritionist, as they do exist. 

Plant iron is the best source of iron. So I'm not sure where you have gotten your info from. Where do you think the most reliable source of iron comes from? 

I am bold, just the way I am......I don't value my life higher than anyone else's I'm all for equality (yeah I'm one of those vegans) lols.

Ask Popeye the sailor man!  He knows, He didn't quote, "'cuz I eats me beef! "  It's because he eats his SPINACH.....nothing knew here.

is iron from spinach absorbable?  I thought that was a common myth?  I think he ate raw spinach and you can't even digest the spinach that way.  You have to cook it.  And when you cook it, the iron is lost. Well that is what I heard.

I don't propose we eat meat for iron or minerals.  I just thought that some people are especially deficient and end up having to eat meat to save their life.

I eat spinach raw lol, I think a lot of people do. 

Where on earth are you getting your information from? 

nowhere really.  just notions in my head from what i recall hearing.  i am bringing my notions to the discussion board in the spirit of discussion.  i didn't do any heavy research.  just trying to talk it through.

fair do's :D

You are referring to spinach as a non-heme iron.  Due to oxalie acid, which binds with acid and inhibits absorption.  But if you eat spinach with any other of the iron rich enhancers I listed you are good.  A

Read "My Beef with Meat" by Rip Esselstyn. Each chapter treats an issue and it is very informative. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1455509361 


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