Ever have a co-worker sit at the community lunch table and apologize for the meat in her lunch because she knows I’m a vegan? What do you say to your friendly co-worker at that point without becoming the preachy vegan?

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I would just say it’s ok but thanks for being thoughtful about it :)

I know what you mean, but I don't think the act is necessarily a result of a moral or ethical connection in regards to the animals. I have a friend who will apologize to me and yet she continues to eat meat. I think she does it out of consideration for my lifestyle and beliefs. Maybe some meat eaters say these things to respect another's values (sort of like taking your shoes off in someone's home even if you don't do in your own or wearing a religious garment in someone else's place of worship -- just trying to make connections here lol); others may see the truth but can't fully face/deal with it. 


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