I've been vegeterian for almost 5 months now and I'm very happy with my choice! I went veggie for the animals but also for my health. I've done a bloodtest recently and I don't have enough iron. I have to take iron pills.. but I want to prove that you can get all what you need when you're vegeterian! What can I do?

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Green leaf veggies like spinach contains large amounts of iron, you could try that :)

Have lot of spinach, broccoli and raisins regularly. It keeps my hemoglobin value above 15gm/dl. I think it'll help you out. Good luck!


stinging nettles -yummo-, chick peas...but you need to drink enough or nothing happens, as only liquid conveys the minerals contained in food to where they´re needed in the body --again--, as am in the habit of mentioning how important liquid is, certain herbal teas too...saying "certain herbs" as some who are rich in "tanin" prevent the absorption of iron...

Caffeine inhibits iron absorption. Ditching coffee is good for overall health, not just in preventing anemia. Also consuming acids (vinegar, citrus, vitamin C supplement, superfruit supplement/powder) with iron-rich foods helps the body utilize non-heme iron better.

I don't think there is anything wrong with taking iron pills. Meat eaters tend to get low iron too. I've been veg since I was a teen and I've taken iron pills and/or multivitamins; however, I now make sure mine are the vegan friendly kind. I don't think it's possible to get all the iron packed greens into your diet daily and we woman need to replenish our iron stores monthly. I don't necessarily take one every day but I do make sure to pop more during that time of the month. 

I also put molasses into my smoothies for added iron. 

nothing wrong with iron pills (or pills at all), but over the years they leave traces whose impact you won´t see til many years go by, as they are or can be insidious...but you can keep traces from resulting (or at bay if you like) by drinking enough liquid so they can´t nestle, goes for everything, at the risk of sounding trite as I always speak of water, lots of herbal teas or liquid in general as liquid (that many neglect and maybe underrate even though it´s admittedly hard to practise, ´cause you need to go for a pee two times if you spend 4 or 5 hours downtown, a downside of modern life), said therefore: as liquid -firstly- is the hauler to deliver the minerals in the food you ingest to where they´re needed in your body and -secondly- keeps the wall of the stomach clean, i.e., so left overs don´ t settle and that without enough liquid may decay and "we" stand there one day...

---so, pills occasionally yes or for a reason to soon help or cure or sure to supplement too, but not necessarily part of your diet as holistic medicine tells us...while with "vegan" --apart from few cases--, problems usually stay away...if they don´t, a simple diet is sure the best...  


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