I'm thinking about leaving these products behind. I can only eat white bread or pasta cause my body doesnt tolerate the brown one. Would it be bad to stop eating these products? How could I replace them? I was thinking about quinoa, bulgur, etc. Thanks for your thoughts.

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White bread, white pasta and white rice are awful for you. Quinoa, bulger, farro, millet, barley, amanarath, oats.....there are so many grains that it really shouldn't be an issue, and so many gluten free pastas on the market. I like quinoa pasta better than regular.

If you can find ienkorn wheat, pasta and all of its sub-products. It's gluten-free

I have been a flour/sugar free vegan for 5 years. I have found that it is not really needed in your diet. All my blood tests have come back fine and I have no deficiencies. Just do whole foods, it is pretty easy! Good luck

I just minimize my white flour intake.  In moderationw hite pasta works fine for for me

wow, i am very Much trying to do just the same ... to leave my favorite foods behind (pasta and bread especially) since i am trying to lose weight.  It is hard because i grew up having these foods regularly in canada with Bread being most common, sometimes twice a day + fatty spreads like peanut butter .. SIGH ... wish me luck folks

You can try levain bread, it's way too taste and healthier than the usual bread.

For pasta, you can try shredding zucchini or use a spaghetti squash in lieu of pasta.

You may want to read these...



They are lower in carbs and calories than traditional wheat pasta, and you can prepare them just like the traditional ones.

I find these interesting but haven't tried them out yet. I doubt my family will enjoy it because to them, pasta means pasta; eggs are MUST in cakes, etc. You get it. Traditional style.


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