I'm thinking about leaving these products behind. I can only eat white bread or pasta cause my body doesnt tolerate the brown one. Would it be bad to stop eating these products? How could I replace them? I was thinking about quinoa, bulgur, etc. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Stephan, thank you for your reply. Spelt was recommended to me as "white" products are not very good for me, but I never tried it..... I will now for sure and also will try the gluten free pasta. I love to try new food :-) 

spelt has " healing powers " indeed...tis the stomach friendliest food...include one spoonful or 2 in your diet, ...just soak overnight and eat the next day as soup (boil for 40 minutes or so, add your vegetables, some olive oil and spice, yummo ! )...or spread a few tender boiled grains over your salad or just chew a few raw grains "at the driving wheel " ....may sound boring in a fast-pace driven day-to-day life, but the result that you musn´t expect tomorrow (in many ways but at least in connection with bad digestion), is amazing !!!...without enough liquid though, nothing works or materialzes....such as herbal teas, water...good luck

one more spelt thing:

---spelt soup is the best against bad digestion, not seldom the result of too many hours in front of the computer, makes you uptight and neglect liquid, also down to hastening about town every day...

so, it may take 8 weeks or three months til things are back to normal, provided enough liquid...but it is the best, and it helps and in cases removes...( thankfully I never had problems, just wanted to commend something known with people in the know ----am not saying like myself, but at all, people in the know--)...just include 20 or 30 grammes in your diet everyday or 5 days a week...see recipe above and this one here:

---spelt soup...spelt is also known as " dinkel " among experts in the English speaking countries, ( a German word )...
soak 50 grammes of spelt (or more, it depends) overnight...boil the spelt on its own for half or one whole hour as some needs longer (depending on the soil where it´s grown...), then add your vegetables finely cut up so it doesn´t take much longer til you´re done...I use turnips, carrots and potatoes so it´s yummi damned frothy, (maybe one small onion and a few leaves of parsley)...I spice with turmeric that you don´t need to skimp on, or ground cumin here rather in pinches, --turmeric and cumin never together ´cause they fight in the soup--, or just ground coriande that goes well with turmeric, salt, and pepper better from the mill, just a few twists...not too watery, best frothy...yummo !

Wow! Great new info for me here!

thanks, Dreamless

Yay, someone that knows what is dinkel :)

Einkorn is also a German word, unfortunately unfamiliar is America :(

whilst it was in America that I got to know it, more exactly in Canada, but I was in Seattle too and you got everything there...go to "Capers" on Robson or Broadway in Vancouver, just so you know and by the way, was not my intention to make a display of whatever...makes me not feel whole to show s.o. up...

I was actually glad to read something I'm familiar with. Thanks for sharing anyway :)

Do they give you an upset stomach or more "allergy" type symptoms ? It may also depend on your carbohydrate needs ..If you exercise lots etc its important to take in necessary carbs... I tolerate brown rice much better than white... "low gi as well" Found I was gluten intolerant ..May not be directly related but might be worth experimenting going gluten free or being checked for allergies ... imho ... ;-)

Hi Mike, thank you! Im intolerant to a lot of things, lactose, mostard, corn....I get nasty reactions when I eat one of this things, I think I will test myself for gluten intolerance as well.... I shouldnt eat white bread or pasta, instead I should use spelt, but does it have the same carbs as normal pasta? I will check that. I exercise 4 times a week so I guess I need carbs, but I want to take the ones that dont harm my body. I will try for a while gluten free pasta and see what happens. Thanxx :-)

I do not eat bread for years since I go vegan! And I am very healthy! You know it's very hard to find vegan bread in my country. 

I think to replace them with quinoa and bulgur is a great idea, a great change to be healthier!

yes, bulgur and barley are great substitutes...


the taste of bulgur and barley is unique...pure barley bread slightly toasted at breakfast, is yummo !...barley bread that musn´t or shouldn´t be thicker than half a centimeter and whose edge you flatten with your fingers, baked in a real oven or tandoor, and dunked in a good olive oil, is a delicacy...


as to bulgur, the brown one is the best, soak overnight, boil adding vegetables like potatoes, carrots and Swiss chard, leave to simmer for 45 minutes over low heat...then 15 minutes before turning off, add olive oil and spice with turmeric (that you don´t need to skimp on), and ground coriander, salt and black pepper...


now shortly to white flour pasta...if you include cloudy apple cider vinegar in your diet, that´s made from ripe apples still better with a sediment (from the ripe apples), normally you won´t put on weight ( not from pasta, ´cause have you been to Italy where people are slim ?...only, out there they eat half the portion the rest of the world has on their plates, plus a salade romaine ), so you won´t put on weight, but keep your weight, again, if you drink cloudy apple cider vinegar that you include in your diet --every day all life, it´s good for your heart to name but this (a little detail on the side)...just 2 or 3 spoonfuls over the day...pour in a glass of cold water and gulp; gulp because it doesn´t taste like honey or juice...


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