how many of us have newly become vegetarians?

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Me ! I'm vegetarian since more than 1 month, I decided few days ago to stop eggs and think about milk :) 

How are you finding it and what made you want to convert? I tried on and off for about nine years before becoming settled but if you are around the right people and stay determined you'll find it a doddle.

But its difficult to stay vegetarian for long who recently quit.
You can try out indian vegetarian dishes if u dont know what to cook.
I've been meaning to try out Indian vegetarian dishes. I'll love to learn how to cook Indian food

hi its only been 2days but perhapse its me but i feel more healthy and so does  my partner

Hi there, I'm new to this forum. I became vegetarian leaning towards vegan in the last 4 months. Good old gandhi's " my experiment with the truth" planted a very deep seed in me. When I finished reading his book, I was no longer able to eat meat or fish! That was certainly not my intention when I initially set out reading about Gandhi. Since then I have read the china study and eating animals. As a result of this awakening I have made a personal vow never to eat meat or fish and to continue to reduce my consumption of eggs and dairy. Despite these actions I feel like I am suffering from a major hangover regarding the welfare of animals that end up as meat. I feel helpless and very very sad.... It just does not feel enough that only me as converted, I want everybody else to convert too and stop this awful industry. While I've mainly avoided confrontation with others, I did manage to have a run in with my sister in law. Not a great start. It was something silly over whether humans are designed to eat meat. We bought argued over some badly researchers facts ( on both sides). We kind of are over it. This is an emotional journey for me.
Dont starve yourself...I know dairy industry is cruel in america but its not your not having milk and eggs you will ruin your can stop eating non veg stuff like chicken and beef.

Why do you say this? Please share articles if you have any. I am torn on this issue due to how rotten the industry is. I recently came across a company in the UK selling slaughter free milk. I believe it was called Ahimsa. Unsure about how I feel about this too though.

What kind of an advice is this Gurunihal?

I'm a new vegetarian and I have been interested for awhile and watched interesting youtube videos for information :).


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