My name is Jimi. My wife Jenna (I'm trying to get her on here too) and I officially became vegetarians on my birthday (Nov 4). I cooked our first vegetarian meal on that day. 

I'm a medical assistant that is going back to school soon for electrical engineering. 

The main reason why I became a vegetarian is for the health reasons. Heart disease and diabetes runs rampant in my family. I already have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. So far since I have been a vegetarian I have lost 15 pounds, I have more energy (I used to fall asleep at my desk several times a day) and feel tons better. I am looking to ask my doc if I can start phasing out pills on my next visit. 

The only problem I have found with this lifestyle is finding brainless meals to make for my family. So if anyone has any extremely simple meals (I am very open to raw) to share, I would be happy to try them out!

Thanks for having a site like this for us all to meet and share ideas!


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I did not have the internet when I went vegetarian but I read 1,000 Vegetarian Recipes by Carol Gelles and found it helpful. There are tons of recipes on the internet, you just have to weed through the more complicated ones to find the easy ones. What kind of food do you like to eat?

i am a vegetarian by birth.i grew up eating vegetarian food only.there are so many simple vegetarian dishes that one can made.its really healthy and good to taste.hope these link might of some help for u...




Look no further than this site. All manner of vegetarian and vegan recipes are on here. 

My go-to "brainless" dish is sautéed veggies, typically with pasta or rice. Soup also takes little time to make, canned or homemade; serve with bread and voilà. I also like tofu: Press, marinate, sautée. If you use tinned beans, they just need to be heated and seasoned, and then you can add them as a side to any meal.

Tofu is such a mystery to me.. All the directions I've read makes the preparation look like it takes forever to do. 

There a couple ways off the top of my head to make it that are easy. I've mashed it and mixed it with vegan mayo, relish and spices like tumeric to make an "egg" salad for sandwiches. Cooking it in barbecue sauce is also good. We sometimes put it in veggie scrambles. The one thing about it is, it has no taste but will absorb the taste of whatever you mix it with so use spices or sauces. 

I've never heard of a tumeric.. I'll have to do some research. 

You can get it on the spice aisle at the grocery store. Oh and in my above post I forgot to also mention fried tofu. There are tons of recipes for it on the net but my way of doing it is to pat extra firm tofu dry, dredge it in flour, salt and pepper and fry it. I also should have mentioned I use extra firm tofu in all of the above.

There are a lot of recipes posted on this site. You can find it HERE and HERE!

You can join the group "Veggie Recipes" to find more recipe!

Happy Veggie Cooking!


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