I've been a vegetarian fit 2 months now. People around me(husband, colleagues etc) don't understand why I'm suddenly not eating meat anymore. And no matter what I say, they'll find something to say back, so that my arguments vanish. Help! I've become a vegetarian for health reasons, but no one seems to understand. What can I say, to make my point clear, without unleashing a discussion which I'm gonna lose?
Love, Miranda

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Hey! Welcome to the veggie world <3

I'm vegetarian for 3 and a half year, but my family still keeps annoying me because of my choice ;] You are not alone, hehe. I know it hurts sometimes and you can feel so down, but you are going the right way, never ever think of giving up!

I become veggie because i'm a huge animal lover going for their rights, against hunting, cruelty and etc. I just don't wanna be a killer. ^^ Also for the healthy lifestyle. 

When my family begins to make jokes of me I'm just laughing with them, (really helps ^^ everyone is happy, everyone is smiling) I know that I'm right anyway: I'm strong enough to understand, to stay for myself, to help. You know, seems like my family respects me now. We are making jokes of each other and well...that's just a part of our life, makes it a little bit more interesting, hehe.

You should watch ''Earthlings'' together with your family one evening. For others you can just tell ''I don't wanna be a killer, do you?'' Usually people just thinks that they know how their food comes to their plates, they have to see the process to understand. They have to visit slaughterhouse or something (i have been there, have seen how a pig were killed, only thoughts that it's happening right now also, that it happens 1000nds times every day makes me feel sick. I don't want to live with this guilt, I don't want to feel like this living being have been killed just for me). 

You should also join this page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vegcommunity they post a lot of good thoughts and pics. Also check this out http://www.vegfriend.com/forum/topics/working-in-the-slaughterhouse...

Well I wish you the best of luck, I'm here anytime for you, we all are ;] Once again, welcome to the better world <3

With lot's of love -Miss Shine*

You're saying that no matter what you say, they don't get it? Sometimes the best thing to do is to stop trying to make others understand. It's your choice. Do what makes you happy and eventually they'll see and accept your lifestyle change. Good luck!

As your reason of going vegetarian is for your health, I think all what you need is just to show them that you healthier than them after you turned vegetarian! And they will stop asking you why, instead they will begin to ask how could you be so healthy...

So, keep eating healthy! 

Viva Vegetarian!

It's a choice. It's your choice. It's not only for your own good but the planet's as well. You use  plants instead of innocent animals for energy and sustenance. Being true to yourself by doing what you know is right doesn't require validation from other individuals. Just say, "THIS IS ME NOW! I CHANGED FOR THE BETTER!" 

Hi Miranda.  The social consequences of changing to vegan are always very bothersome.  Essentially  you have to develop thick skin to deal with the barrage of bullshit people toss at you.  Being a minority sucks but I would rather be the healthy minority than the sick majority.    Nobody can really tell you how to combat this; it's something which develops in your character over time.  You'll get used to it and find what works for you.  Eventually you might even be able 2 persuade people to see their own ignorance.


First of all, congrats on making the jump to vegetarian.  I have been a vegetarian for over sixteen years and I still get questions and those who try to question my decision on a daily basis.  The best advice I can give is to stick to your convictions.  You are doing this for yourself.  I have found over time that through my actions many friends have eventually converted and/or truly accept my decision.  Stay strong.  The animals thank you for it:)

There are numerous things you could say.  Anyhow fact is Cows eat plants.  Plants provide the cow with all the vitamins. So there is no reason to believe we cant get from a plant that we do from a cow.  Plants are food storage organisms, and animals are food consuming organisms.  There it is in grade 6 form! 

lol get used to being picked on and bashed.  People don't have to do a self reflection if you are the one mistaken.

The way I see it.  People resorting to petty insults, in an attempt to make you feel bad are of childish mentality.  It can be annoying, but really it's like when a Chewawa barks at you.  Makes a lot of noise but it doesnt do much =).

My fiancé is the same way... I've been vegetarian as long as I remember... I decided to go full vegan 3 months ago, and he can't handle it. Lol. Constant remarks over anything I say... My family & friends have something to say all the time too. I figured out the best way to get them to stop... Is to bore them with a lot of nutritional knowledge. Lol. I don't have to fight, or anything. They ask me where do I get my protein and I tell them the truth. I get my protein, where your protein, gets its protein... So if you just read up on the nutritional stuff... Bore them to tears, they'll eventually move on. ;)

Just say that you do it for the animals.
In my experience that is the one where they back off at instead of saying for health reasons. 

i just say, have you ever seen an animal get killed, i don't like it when an animal has to die so i can have a snack. Than i ask what kind of animals they eat and which they don't. Than i ask do you eat dog or cat, than they will say no and that is where i get them and end the conversation. Why is the life of a cow worth less than that of a dog or cat. 

There where some people who said to me that cows are alive so we can eat them. If we didn't eat them they wouldn't be alive in the first place.My reaction is that they never lived.They get raped so they can produce milk and the calves are taken away from there mothers so they don't drink the milk. They get hooked up onto machines and drugged so they produce more milk. Tell me exactly how that is called alive?

That will shut them up.

I agree with the opinion that you should laugh with them and prove that you don't really care about it. People that are doing this to look better in the other's eyes are those who give up after this kind of jokes. If they keep on telling you that you eat the grass, just tell them that not everyone has so poor imagination in terms of food. :) If they make a lot of jokes around it, ask them whether this kind of behavior helps them to hide their self-reproach, cause it looks like that. :P Plus, tell them that the results of research shows every time that high amount of cancer in our contries is caused by excessive consumption of meet and intelligent person at least limits it to once a time to prevent it. Just a few exemples of stronger arguments.
But honestly, ignorance is the most effective in any kind of offense.

Explain them you require the same amount of respect you give them for eating meet. If you mean it seriously and they're intelligent, they'll get used to it.

The best recipe is also to do something pure vegetarian that tastes incredibly and they'll use to it even sooner. My mother started to even envy me my vegetarianism after I made a salad of fresh spinach, pear, sheep cheese and spilled it with honey, or steamed cauliflower omelette. :)

that`s a really nice angle sara.  Now that I think of it a lot of veg food kicks ass actually :D.


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