Hey everyone I'm very new at being a vegan. I'm in need of support no one in my family nor friends is vegan or vegetarian. I feel like not even trying to better myself bc they look at me like I'm nuts and like it's an inconvenience to them.

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First off welcome to ,VF .:) I don’t think it’s so much an animal rights/vegan issue well unless you're really an activist in it with your family; it’s more of people knowing who you were before you were vegan. People tend to see you only as how they knew you before.So lots have a difficult time accepting any major change about you in any way.  If they knew you before you were vegan , it will take them a while to really believe you are this. I’m sure this is not always the situation but in many I've meet, it’s true.People have a hard time changing and when it comes to someone else changing, well that's even a greater leap of understanding. I know it can be quiet the land of ,"You  feel alone it ". But,you need to build more positive relationships with alike minded thinkers that have made this change also. Get involved maybe in meeting groups and people in your area that are vegans.  And, also, there are many here that will support you here also. :)

But,as you know not everyone is going to accept "you" as "you" are in this world.But,its not about them accepting you but you accepting yourself  as ,"WHO YOU ARE ". Once you master this it will not feel like you're alone in it .

Here something for you  ,Kayla


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