I have been vegetarian for a while and recently switched to a plant based diet. My problem is severe bloat , will my stomach eventually adjust to the new diet?

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apple cider vinegar (acv) is the remedy !!! best the cloudy one, and organic if possible...see " how to use it " toward the end...


well I never had that, so am not speaking from experience, but the following is well known, never mind the diet or lifestyle:

------eat slowly, chew food well, lots of liquid, mainly herbal teas (boil long enough, unlike widely believed 20 or 30 min, " no problem " , minerals don´ t volatilize no matter how long they boil unlike vitamins which do at a temperature  of 60 or 50 degrees Celcius, so boil your herbal tea to extract the minerals your body needs to curb and control every thing, again to curb and control every thing...include liquids in your diet, make it a habit -again-, mainly herbal teas

now to acv, just add one or two spoonfuls to a glass of cold water and gulp, cold and gulp, because of the taste...two or 3 times over the day, maybe one hour or so after your meal...you may not see the result the next day,  so it may take some time, but acv  "does the trick"  and usually soon after the fast intake...good luck

Ur intestines/stomach need a build up more enzymes.  Right now ur body isnt primed 2 eat thos eirregular foods.  It'l adjust.. introduce food slowly if possible.. or not.   For me it was around 2 weeks period 2 get used 2 rice and brocolli..

THe intestines also gotta get better at fermenting some of the fibres and processing them =)

Thank you for your replies! I will try some herbal tea as a starter :)

Going vegan doesn't make you bloat. Unless all you're eating are beans lol or some of this sort,


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