Hi I am a long term vegetarian,I have just gone vegan,I enjoy the foods I am eating but have a problem.I don't seem to be able to feel full.has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if I'm somehow missing out on a certain mineral or vitamin,today I ate porridge with almond milk and banana,gnocchi with cashew nut cheese sauce and tomato sauce,homemade pumpkin and sweet potato soup,cheese sandwich and alpro chocolate mousse and a truffle bar and 3 biscuits,I am still hungry after all that food! This is atypical days eating for me but I usually eat more green veg,had just ran out today and waiting in for delivery of vegusto cheeses and sandwich fillers(their good!)I take b vitamins vitamin and biotin and zinc. Thanks

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I am a new vegan too and I kind of know what you mean. Dairy foods have a lot of fat in them and so it makes us feel fuller, since you aren't eating those, you miss the feeling of fullness. I have noticed when I eat nuts, they fill me up more. They have a higher fat content( the good fats) and might help you to feel fuller. 

not sure if its that as didn't have cows milk before,it was just eating cheese when in restaurants and eggs in cakes,there's not a lot of difference in my diet,i just seem to need to graze alot more,maybe its pychological,thanks for your replies :)! How are you getting on Katie?

I am doing well but sometimes it's still hard. It gets hard coming up with snacks that are both filling and are easy to take with me on the go. Mainly I like having hummus and veggies. If you have any suggestions, they would be welcomed.


Katie I find the naked bars quite filling,they're very tasty and most supermarkets have some hidden away in their free from section.

Cheese was the last thing I gave up going from Vegetarian to Vegan..I thought  it would be really hard but it hasn't been. When I think of cheese now I get disgusted because it's so fattening and greasy . If you're having cravings and need a vegan cheese substitute, Whole Foods has a vegan cheese called Tease. It's made from tapioca and has the same texture as cheese. They make different flavors but so far I've only tried the mozzerella one. I made mozzerella sticks with it it was good just gotta be sure to add seasonings.

hey , i love cheese,, you can get qunioa noodles , mix with coconut oil , add brewers yeast from braggs , its has

b -12  and folic acid and taste like mac & cheese,, 

my favourite cheesey tasting sauce is ground cashew nuts and nutritional yeast,add any flavoring you like,mustard ,parsley etc......and mix with water,heat in a saucepan until thickens (which it does very nicely)yummy!!!Jet rink,if you like mac n cheese this is good for that too!!

Hi Inga think you might have hit on something there,I am not eating that big a meal late on,I usually eat my main meal at lunch and something like soup for tea,it's only after tea that I am nibbling,will have to spoil myself!! :)


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