Hello Friends...My name is Angela and I have been a Vegetarian for a few years now. I have waffled back and forth from Vegan to Raw Foodist  to Vegetarian with my husband with our intensions of becoming a dedicated Vegan in 2013. It is great to have the support of my spouse, not only for the dietary reasons but also to have the same beliefs of being kind to all beings who deserve a kind and as wonderful of a life as we humans do.

We have found that in certain parts of the USA, it is easier with the exceptance of not eating meat than others however, our beliefs never made us really care about others criticizing or commenting on our choice. We quickly realized how important this decision would become our passion and embedded into our core of beliefs.

Our awakening started after watching the movie Food, Inc. and then later through other documentarys that shared the world of cruelty to animals not to mention the very sad world of processed/GMO'd foods containing toxic ingredients that now has changed our views eternally.

Thank you for having this forum to meet wonderful people of like-minds throughout the world.

My view is to spread the word and change it one person at a time by example.

I look forward meeting everyone!

Newly VF~Ang.



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welcome :-)

Thanks Terry.


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