Hello everybody!
I'm currently working in vegetarianism marketing research, that means we are looking for a new product for vegetarians (new software, site, App...) that can solve some of our problems...
Can I ask you which is your bigger problem being vegetarian? Not talking about people who ask you stupid questions about vegetarianism or people who say it's a bad choice...
Also I'd need your help to know how many vegetarians/vegans are on internet...I see in this group we are almost 3000, but I'm sure we are much more!

Thanks in advance!

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I'm vegan . It would be good if this site was an app or if there was a app to find vegan products or a app to find vegan get togethers 

There's way more than 3000. I think in the world there is a few million vegans or so. And it's ever increasing :) not sure about veggies.

My problem is finding good vegan alternatives where I live! I wish I knew how to make things from scratch, it'd be more easier! wouldn't mind learning somehow

What would you like to learn to make from scratch? Almond milk? Tofurky? Peanut butter? Toothpaste? Salad dressing? Chocolate pudding? ;)


My bigger problem being vegetarian is that there are very few vegetarians and it's difficult to find a vegetarian to go around with. :/

My current biggest problem is the lack of vegan food on my school campus. My club keeps trying to work on that but it's really hard. And difficult. And annoying to the point of wanting to punch someone. =/

Lol I hear ya! I have like almost no real options at my university.

We used to have this wonderful brand called Organics To Go (or something like that) that was all vegan. Then they got rid of it.

Now I have to rely on BRC burritos at El Pollo Loco (without the cheese) and the vegan chili on campus. There is a Zpizza in walking distance and I think most/all of the vegetarian options at Cha for Tea are vegan.

Thanks everybody for your answers!!!
Unfortunately I can not provide any veg food where you live nor increase number of veg(etari)an people...But I hopefully will be able to think about a new software to help all of us!

I think it would be great to have an app for vegetarian alternatives in local stores and also a restaurant finder.   It can be difficult going out to eat with non-vegetarian friends, only to find the restaurant you're eating at doesn't offer anything without meat ^^;

You should develop an app that you can enter in a vegan item (such as rice milk) and see what nearby stores have that product! Sorry if someone else already suggested it, just kinda scanned the other replies. They have that app that tells you what different drinks are made of, it'd be neat if there was a vegan version, as I have come to understand not all alcohol is vegan.

There are 10s 0f millions vegetarians in this planet. There is really no need for new vegetarain products. Vegetarism is back to simple living movement.


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