Is it right to get your pet neutered...or is it cruel?

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Personally I feel that not neutering your pets is cruel. I volunteer at a cat sanctuary and the amount of cats that come in heavily pregnant, dumped because people don't want the hassle of looking after them.  Then there is the fact that un neutered cats are more likely to stray looking for a mate. Our sanctuary refuse to re-home an animal if they aren't neutered.
With other animals I feel it is still the best thing. It helps stop the already overburdened animal rescue system. There are other places called "Rescue Centres" where they will take an animal in and if the animal isn't re-homed soon enough and they need the space they euthanise  the animal. 
So all in all, if you care at all about animals neutering is the way to go.

I do volunteer as much as I can, but I don't get much time any more because my work has got a lot more busy recently but it is nice to go and play with all the cats and give them all hugs. It relaxes me because I don't have my own animals because it wouldn't be fair as I wouldn't be with them enough to look after them.

I'm glad you got him neutered.You can reassure yourself you did the right thing.  He will live a lot longer and happier now.

Interfering with nature isn't always a bad thing. The sanctuary I helped at catch wild cats and neuter them too. So people don't see the growing population of cats as a threat.

If there were not such a problem with overpopulation, perhaps I would not do it.  But unfortunately, there is, and so I have had all of my animals spayed or neutered (although it pained me to do it to a miniature horse...well, it pained him more).  Every year in the United States, millions of cats and dogs are killed at "shelters" because there are no homes for them.  By neutering and spaying domestic animals, there will be fewer unwanted cats and dogs, resulting in fewer killings.  The horrible part to me is that so many people consider their pets to be disposable.  In my opinion, if you adopt a cat or a dog (or any other animal for that matter), you are responsible for that animal for the rest of its life.  If you cannot handle that responsibility, you have no right to adopt.

Awww, thanks, Poonam :)  That was very sweet of you.  Yes, pizza is difficult!  However, I make a lot of pizza from scratch (very easy), and I have changed a few things to make up for the loss of the cheese.  Instead of trying to replace the flavor with fake cheese (I tried - yuck), I use other flavors.  For example, I will caramelize two large onions and use those as the primary topping.  Or, I will use a variety of olives (most Americans only know of one or two types of olives, but there are dozens!), mushrooms (same thing - lots of varieties), fresh vegetables. etc.  Sometimes, I will simply brush the crust with olive oil and sprinkle it with sea salt.  Other times, I will make a vegan pesto as the only topping.  The great thing about pizza is its versatility!

So, about your sister - the important thing is that you are very close, so understanding should come easier to her than it might to a casual friend.  Another advantage that you have is that like you, she also comes from a culture that has the world's highest percentage of vegetarians, so she is obviously familiar and comfortable with you being a vegetarian.  As far as being a vegan, you are simply taking one step closer to pure ahimsa - as I am sure that your sister knows, the Mahabharata specifically states that "nonviolence is the highest duty and the highest teaching."  Further, the Mahabharata states that "the Purchaser of flesh performs himsa by his wealth; he who eats flesh does so by enjoying its taste; the killer does himsa by actually tying and killing the animal. There are three forms of killing. He who brings flesh or sends for it, he who cuts of the limbs of an animal, and he who purchases, sells, cooks or consumes flesh. They are all considered to be meat-eaters."  She should see that, even though not all Hindus are vegetarian, this is a calling for those who feel that the words of the Mahabharata speak to a greater aspiration of the human spirit.  She does not need to follow this path, but your sister should understand that this is your calling.  Even if she does not agree with your beliefs, as your sister she will respect them.  Namaste  :)

Hi.  I saw your comment about Pizza.  I found that by replacing the cheese with something salty did just fine.  Green olives worked for me.  After one year I had a piece of pizza with cheese on it and honestly all I could taste was the fat.  Really not good. x

Overpopulation and euthanasia is crueler.

Look, the animals have litter after little because they have no choice.  It's like humans having no contraceptives/birth control.  How would it be if we just had child after child after child after child?   Add to that living on the streets with all the risks that involves, now add cruelty, poisoning etc.  What would YOU choose?  I think it's cruel NOT to neuter/spay. 

It isn't cruel at all as long as the procedure is done by someone well qualified and the animal is given proper pain medicine. By getting an animal neutered, you're completely eliminating the chance of testicular cancer and I am not positive, but I think it reduces the chance of prostate cancer. It also makes the animal less aggressive towards others and less likely to try to get outside. The trip to the vet might be a little scary if the animal doesn't enjoy going places, which most cats don't, but once they're back home, they're fine. I think spaying and neutering is completely necessary to combat the overpopulation of cats and dogs and to keep your pet safe. 

Silly question. Anyone who keeps an unneutered animal is not an animal lover. Look up the statistics re: how many animals are euthanized every year because there are no homes for them.

Cruel.. But difficult to avoid on such a Barbaric world..................................

I agree with Jme. NOT neutering your pets is incredibly cruel. They get frustrated as sex is a natural urge for them, people fail to castrate them leaving them in frustration all their lives, and then wonder why they start acting strange, get angry when they start humping everything and fighting, and think it's a fault of the animal.

If animals were not neutered, not only can they get numerous infections (some of which have no visible symptoms and can go un-noticed by the human) they can also have terrible mental conditions. Not to mention all of the homeless pregnant cats and kittens you get wandering the streets because a human failed to get them neutered or get the male castrated.

It's far better and healthier for the animal to get them castrated and neutered. They are not humans, they have extreme urges which will cause them physical and mental suffering otherwise.


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