So, I will start with a little background:

I became a vegetarian while my husband was deployed in Afghanistan. He, in some ways, supports my choice. He is the type that feels he must consume tons of protein (animal sources included) to be healthy. I have explained to him all of the benefits, an on occasion he will eat a vegetarian meal with me.

My problem is explaining to him why I became a vegetarian. This topics makes us argue. i tell him that I became one for many reasons, including the fact that all animals are equal, and us, as humans, do not have the right to take away the life of another being.He than says "cats eat meat", "dogs eat meat" it is in the nature of animals to eat meat. This frustrates me to no extent. I really need some advice on how I can get my point across to him.

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Dogs and cats are not human. They have very different digestive structures to us. But a dog can live quite healthily on a vegetarian diet. A cat cannot however, as it is a carnivore. 

Yes we are all animals and should have equal rights etc, but we are not all biologically the same. There is a lot of information out there that can help show you why a humans digestive system isn't built for eating meat. Including this into the discussion may help. 

Thank you. That is so true!

most welcome! :)

Hey Bridgette,

I live in Iran and in my country there are a few of people who are vegetarian. The numbers increase day by day and the numbers of vegetarian restaurants are getting more and more. I had this problem to explain every one around why I am a vegetarian and I explained it ( and actually explain) in this way : I do not eat or use any food or products that for providing them, an animal has been killed so the reason is I dont  want  animals to be killed. ( I am a Lacto-Ovo and I eat eggs and dairies).  I pay the money and use these products and the person who sell his/her cow's milk, looks after that animal. ( I can imagine how a cow can be the food of another animal!). This is my way and my rule.. I know there may be some vegetarians who  disagree and think that we should take care of animals because we are human and can think and we should be kind  and so on. The second reason can be the health aspect of this diet. But meat eaters can explain how a balanced diet of meats and vegetables can be healthy! :)

In my opinion, it is very simple: unlike strict carnivores, humans are blessed with a conscience, and it is that conscience that allows us to make choices.  In our early history as a species, we needed meat to survive, but as we have developed physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, some of us have reached a point where we realize that life is too precious, that while we have the ability to kill whenever we want, we do not have the moral right to do so.  I am a vegan, but unlike most vegans, I have never lost the taste for meat; sometimes, I really miss it.  But my belief in the rights of all living things to not only exist, but to thrive, is what keeps me on this path.  So what of a lion killing a zebra, or a wolf killing a deer?  Those are tragic events for the prey, but necessary to the predator.  However, they are not MY choices.  I choose to let other living beings thrive.  And when speaking of other species, you might choose to say "who" instead of "what."  For example, "Who did you eat today?" is much more powerful than "What did you eat today?"  It makes thoughtful people think about their choices just a little bit more... 

Hi Bridgette:) Your passion for the cause is awesome! I feel like people in my circle began to convert, after I stopped trying to convince them. It will be tough to convince your husband, as long as he wants to eat meat. You might be better of learning how to cook great vegan meals that he can't resist. As for the protein comment, I have two links for you:

Ask Him, I Dare You... What Can Humans Learn From Cows?     Show him those and he'll never be able to give you the protein excuse again. We are not carnivores and therefore we do not need to eat meat. True carnivores in the wild eat their flesh freshly killed and raw. They drink the blood and eat most, if not all, of the bones. 

Best wishes...

I usually start with "We don't need animal products" and then I tell them, that I think its not ok how animals are treated. Here in Germany most people actually know about animal products not beeing that healthy so I also argument with my health improvment. I try to be a good example and not push my belifes on them, even if I hate to see people being soo happy about their hamburger. I want them to rethink their diet.


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