I'm going raw vegan for a week soon and need Recipies.

Please help x

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Awesome thanks guys youtube is amazing! Haha yea lets all go raw and start a group :)

i was going pretty slow from meat eater to vegetarian, then i stopped using eggs and i left milk for the end. i am struggling with milk in nes coffee some cheese in soup, but it ends there.

i am no fan of cooking, its really waist of time for me so i'll try my luck with seeds fruits and veggies.

Me too! Good luck to us.

Christine....With the help of many on YouTube for about 6 months and felt so healthy. I am going to try again starting this spring.

If you go to YouTube for Juicing and Raw Food ...search:
1. KrisCarrTV
2. okraw  and Rawfoods (John Kohler has 2 channels)
3. FullyRawKristina
4. EasyToBeRaw (Megan Elizabeth)

Vegan channels:
1. Dr. Fuhrman
2. Julianna Hever and Chef AJ

Let us know how it goes!!! Good luck!!


Thanks Angie!

I watch and subscribed Kristina and Megan. Lovely beautiful ladies. Love 'em. :)

"Easy, Sexy, Raw" a new cookbook by Carol Alt has recipes on a budget!

You can also find a Raw Food section @ the grocery store, and of course Whole Foods.  GO RAW is one of several brandsRaw food is any food cooked under 115'

Dan the Man talks about going raw. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpuBEgRrnzA

You have a lot of toxins from meat, dairy, etc., that will try to get out of your body in every way imaginable, so you will get headaches from everything being moved around as the raw foods push these toxins out. You will get through it, and you will feel much better afterwards!

dan the man is awesome!

Google Super Model Carol Alt, she has a Raw Vegan Recipe book that is good and east.  It can get really complicated, but don't give up and have fun :)

The best book I have had from when I was raw was by Jenny Cornbleet.



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