I'm going raw vegan for a week soon and need Recipies.

Please help x

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Hells yea! I wish you loads of luck Christine <3 I'm also going to go raw after my cleanse! Let me know how the journey goes for you :)

I am going raw vegan soon too. I've been watching videos on youtube and she really inspires me, you can check her out too for some advice and recipes. Her channels are fullyrawkristina and rawfullyorganic. XO

I think we all should start together and we can support each other haha

yes, we should ;)

RAW PARTY!!!! :D!!


Love it Lauren...Easy to be Raw!

Kristina has a lot of great ideas and PLUS she has her own Farmers Market. Very inspirational lady!

Good Luck Jesse....I am going to try this again soon as well. It CAN be done! I dehydrator, juicer and food processor sure helps as well.



Oh yeah, I love her too! I messaged her yesterday on FB and was so happy to heard back from her. Yes, I need the juicer and food processor like the one she's using on some of her videos. Hopefully I can get them soon. Thanks! :) XO

Yes! She has great insights, wonderful recipes and great energy. I volunteered with her in Houston last summer. There was so much raw foods under those tents! I wish I had the link to these raw tacos, but I accidentally deleted all my YouTube videos :( :( just look up raw tacos, using romaine lettuce as the shell. For the "meat," you use zucchini, water and taco seasoning (make sure to find a vegan one).
Also, you put shredded carrots, raisins, oh, it's just so good! Well, NOW I want some!

They are so awesome and my meat-lover dad often asks me to make them for him!! (I really thought he would hate them.)

I'd love to try raw , been watching videos of this guy:


I watched this yesterday and going to make the salad he makes today :D I'll check out more raw videos, ones of this guy, Aris Latham , are the only ones i've seen, i thought it was good :) 

Thank you so much for sharing. I'm watching him right now. :)


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