Hello everyone ^-^ So my mother was a vegetarian for about a year when just yesterday she told me that she was going back to eating meat. She blames feeling sick and being fat on being a vegetarian (Which is apparently what her doctor told her). And the thing that pisses me off the most is that she was trying to tell me some bullshit about only buying 'ethical' and 'humane' meat. As if there is any such thing. She also refuses to let me become vegan because she believes that I need milk and cheese while I'm still growing. What I don't understand is that she was on her way to becoming vegan before she dropped this bombshell on us. Today I came home and found meat in the freezer and almost started crying. I feel betrayed after letting her into something I am so passionate about and then she just throws it back into my face. So I suppose my question is this: What would you do in this situation, and am I just being a bratty teenager (Because that's what I feel like). Thank you for reading my horrible rant xD

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:/ Hurtful thing .

Sorry to hear that horriable situation. 
Ur best choice will be patience. Be patient. When I first became vegetarian, my mother was really aggressive to force me to eat fist/meat. But now she is almost vegetarian. She doesn't like meat and thought she eats fish but she also want to leave eating fish. 
Please u just politely say him about the health benefit of vegetarianism. Probably she is worried about her and your health. Yes. it is sometimes difficult for an aged person to be vegetarian suddenly which is very easy for a teenager like u. It also varies for different peoples. 
So be patient. Let her to eat meat. Sometime u can cook delicious veg items for her. I think once he can at least respect vegetarianism. 

I just found myself in a similar situation, a friend of mine went bak to eating meat "because I can't afford Veges." It's like are you kidding? I don't know about where you live but here meat is soo expensive and Veges are dirt cheap. I just told her my honest opinion that I was disappointed and quite shocked but its her life. We haven't really talked since though lol. I'd sneakily try to turn her against meat again lol by making amazing vege dishes or something lol. Don't go on the attack if found it hardly ever works. No your not being bratty it's a totally shut thing to go back to meat

I think you should ask your mother to join this site, and get motivated from all of members here. We support her to be back to vegetarian.

Sometimes people just need support to keep their vegetarian lifestyle going on. 

What would I do? I would find some facts and information to tell her that vegetarian is healthier. Find information how to eat right as vegetarian, find vegetarian health and nutrition info to her. I believe since she had ever been a vegetarian, she will consider to be back to vegetarian. 

Wish you luck. 

good response! be informative, send her to supportive sites. Yup!

Very sad news,my Mother died over a year ago as a lacto vegetarian that she had practiced for 46 years,hopefully yours will have a change of heart,i certainly hope so.

What was your mother's age?

81and a total animal lover!!!

wow. great. Actually I see vegetarians hardly die at little ages.

What a disappointment!  I don't know exactly your situation but it must be frustrating.   I'm sure you know this already but you can make someone do something, such as not eat meat etc.   You can keep up your own vegetarianism and hopefully still influence her.   There is a lot of bad information out there, especially given out by doctors, who usually know so little about diet/healthful eating.   Best of luck!   KaTHY

Doctors are morons if they think they can give nutrition advice. They have biases like any other person, and they think because they have a degree they can act like experts in everything. If I were you, I'd take your mother to see a nutritional expert, such as a dietitian. Sadly a lot of misinformation is being spread by the wrong people, if she is feeling sick and overweight going back to meat is the WORST possible option for her. I am very sorry this has happened! This would upset me also, but I think you can still reason with her. 

This is really good advice Lauren. My daughter is nearly 12 and a strict vegan. She converted me nearly 4 years ago and I'm 50. I took her to the doctor as she was having a problem with her foot. The (overweight) doctor was horrified that my slim healthy girl is vegan and gave her a long lecture about how she must have milk/meat etc because she's growing. She politely listened and as soon as we left she very quickly told me that there is no way on earth she will ever take this ridiculous advice. She knows more about "where to get her protein, calcium" etc than any of these experts. Honestly, through their ignorance, I believe doctors have killed more people than they've saved. Seeing a nutritionist is definitely the way to go.


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