My 10 year old son came home from school today very upset.  He said a kid asked him if he had meat in his sandwich?  My son said, "it's egg salad".  The boy then said, "You're not a man if you don't eat meat!"  Then turned to his friends and said, "Corey is turning into a GIRL"

I am so disgusted by this type of thought process!  I can NOT believe, in this day and age, in my "progressive" State of son's "manhood is already being tested?! Furthermore, by weither or not he is a carnivore?"

I am at a loss for words on where to start to explain the complexity of the situation to my adolescent child.  I am pissed off by the ignorance and stupidity of this kid, and it having such a harmful effect on my child...grrr!

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I've often heard men saying " meat is for real men, we need meat to be strong" Most of the time though, this has come from rather large/ verging on the obese men.

Go to that kid and scare the fuck out off him!

Let your son watch Engine 2 If he can get done and see Rip as in anyway unmanly he is insane. (He is both gorgeous and manly) It is hard to say a firefighter is unmanly and Rip eats entirely "plantstrong".

Being veggie might be seen as being feminine but there's no problem with this, the problem is that people are seeing femininity as something less good compared to masculinity. I think it would be better if men was more feminine in general.

Hi i am a vegan man nice to see your comment....not

sorry Em, kind of agree with Tim. As a girl, I don't find ANYTHING about being vegetarian "feminine". it just doesn't make sense to me at all. if it does to you though, all for your own opinion

Let stupid people be stupid people. I mean, that boys gotta be no older than your son if he's in elementary school, so OF COURSE he's going to be ignorant. Kids are like sponges, they get the knowledge they know from their parents, family members, friends, older siblings, care takers (teachers, baby sitters, etc.), television, and music. & tbh, kids can be pretty nasty to each other. You have to let your son, Corey, know not to take the things other kids say to seriously/offensively/personally because those who say hurtful things are either jealous/haters, or in your son's case, to seem like he's more dominate than Corey. But, seriously, if he was so sure of his dominance why would he wanna belittle other boys TO make himself seem more dominate? Because, clearly, subconsciously, he's not sure, & I wouldn't be suprised if that SAME BOY turned out to be gay in the future. Teach Corey (if he doesn't already know) why he's a vegetarian (if he didn't make that personal choice himself), & why its good for him & others. So, that next time that little boy wants to talk shit again he has a smart comeback like, "so, what your saying is, i'm not a man because I'm gunna live longer than you BECAUSE of my vegetarian diet? Why don't you learn your facts before you start talkin shit" er some shit like that. If the boy ends up ruining your son's reputation tho, i'm pretty sure you can sue & get compensated for like $5OO or $1OOO, tho. I hope everything turns up good for Corey, tho & keep encouraging him of his vegetarianism.

There is so much truth in it. Might I suggest looking into feminist care ethics and political texts on this topic. A good one to start with is

If its a kid who said like this then because he/she is not mature enough and needs to be taught. But if an adult says like this then it can't be taken as more than a joke. People needs to understand if they are not good enough for something then don't be a barrier for others at least.

In my mind , real man should be love and protect the animals . Just tell your son , he is a real man as he is a vegetarian !

when i turned vegetarian, i found it easier just to say i wasnt one when i was younger, now i hardly even care and tell anyone that i am if it does come up. if it bothers him that much right now, there are vegetarian meats out there. but in all honesty, i just wish that i had said i was one right from the start. i had to deal with bullying just at the start of grade 3. it really does suck that children, so young have do deal with this shit. i found it easier from experience and from seeing, that if he ignores it or just says "that's fine. that's your opinion." it all stops really quickly. that kid thats bullying your son just cause he doesnt eat meat needs to get his head checked out. its hard but in all honesty, everyone has there own opinion in how they see things. just accept it, not saying you have to believe it, and move on. i can tell you right now, now matter how how much you argue about it, no one is going to change their minds right then. walk away and let it be. i remember something similar happened back when i was younger. a kid was being bullied because he wore purple. the guys called him a girl, he literally said "if that's what you believe." and just walked away. the kids that teased him never did anything again to him.

It is taught behavior, those kids parents have probably said things along these lines


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