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Today I had a discussion with meat eaters about ''how worthless'' my actions are. 

Everything began because of a simple teachers task to write a speech about world problems. I asked him if I could just talk about vegetarian stuff. And then seems like the world fall apart... I don't even know how the topic changed into ''I love the taste of meat''. Several people against me telling such arguments as:

''But if you don't eat animals it would be too much of them''


''You don't even eat fish? D: Not even salmon? :O But it's sooooo delly...''

I said that fish is also a living being, that animals are not living for us but with us. But those heartless people just kept laughing and saying that if humans would stop eating meat animals would be going into cities, cars would crash, lots of people would die. I just said ''I don't care about people if animals are okay'', kept smiling and waiting for what else radiculous could they say. I didn't need to wait for long... Very soon one of them asked me:

- would you rather let a horse feel pain and suffer if it has injured feet, or would you better help it to die? 

Other of them just extended the question with ''...is it better to just kill it and leave or better kill it and eat if it's dead anyway?''

I couldn't believe what I heard. How can you even say that? How can you say that if horse has pain you should kill him/her to do not suffer. What the..? I just told all of them that being injured doesn't mean you are going to die! I asked them if when they have their feet hurt are they gonna die? Now on I just think that humans are an infection on this earth, With such arguments, such selfish thoughts... How can you even sleep without guilt every night when you know that there are 1000nds of animals dying in slaughterhouses and shelters just because you think they are ''tasty'' or ''not worth living''? I am not even gonna tell you what they said about fishes. Lions were mentioned in this conversation too (as in any other typical meat eater fight) and many other non sense arguments... 

So, my dear veggies, what's your opinion about this? And may you share such story or a few from your own experience? That's really interesting I think, and pretty fun too ^.~

Hope to hear from you soon, cheers :3

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Well, clearly we don't NEED meat.  The existence of 100s of millions if not perhaps billions of vegetarians in the world show ample proof of this. A vegetable based diet is a healthy diet. Ethically, the defense of killing animals, apart from absolute necessity or circumstance, is indefensable. Ethics change over time. They evolve.  Several hundred years ago, slavery was considered ethical.  Abuse of women and transgendered people, although this still happens, is becoming less and less acceptable.  Defeating Speciesism is just the next evolutionary stage of our human ethical development.  History and time are on our side

Doesn't surprise me at all that you got that kind of reaction. Our society is so brainwashed by television, companies and organizations that feed us the wrong message and for some reason their actions are supported by the majority. It's so sad that very few of us actually have a brain and use it. Thank you for trying to speak up and for having compassion. That comment about if we stopped eating meat we would be overrun with animals, so funny!! If we all stopped eating meat, they would no longer be mass produced and there for their population would dwindle--hopefully some would make it to a sanctuary I'd like to think. Here is a great site by Melanie Joy to check out, http://carnism.com Watch and share some of her presentations. I can definitely relate to her because I was raised in a meat-eating family and it wasn't until one day that I got involved with PETA* and others as well as environmental organizations, that I started to become aware of where meat came from. However I didn't turn vegetarian until a few years later when I was on my own because..my parents weren't having it..in their house. When I went vegetarian, I also gave up fish. I believe that fish is meat, unlike some people like to believe--and that fish and other sea life have the ability to feel pain. Check out http://fishfeel.org (* I no longer support PETA)

Hm. Well I don't like the taste of meat so everyone in the world telling me how great it tastes to them doesn't make much of a difference.

On the other hand, I would support humane killing of animals if the alternative were torture and eventual death, but it's a case by case basis.

I tell them I make decisions using my brain, not my tongue. I don't eat meat because I feel it is ethically wrong, I don't care what it tastes like, I am not going to eat something that I feel is wrong to eat, period.

If we stop breeding animals for food, then no, there won't be too many of them. There are so many farm animals because we artifically inseminate them. We could sterilize them and let them live out their natural lives without reproducing more animals.

I feel your pain :/ I had an small debate with someone just the other day and I couldn't believe the things that she said. My other friend (who was actually interested in not eating meat) was asking me about some of the things i use to replace dairy products and after i replied, the other girl was like "Have you ever eaten steak?" I was so shocked that she even mentioned that because she knows that i haven't eaten meat for 5 years......what kind of question is that? I don't care about eating any type of meat? Even if i once liked it when i was younger, i stopped eating it because i overcame the desire to eat meat. And so i replied to her saying "Yes i have before, but i don't eat it because i don't want to eat dead animals. I don't want animals to suffer." Then her argument is "I don't mind eating it because i knew the animal had some kind of life before" What kind of person says that? The animals still goes through pain and dies.....?? That doesn't justify you killing them.....they still don't get a life. A real life that every being deserves. And on top of that, this girl has a bumper sticker about how you should adopt animals instead of buying them at pet stores. So you care about dogs suffering and possibly dying in the pound.....but you eat all these other animals that went through worse. It makes me so sad that so many people don't understand. Some days i feel so depressed that there are so many people mindlessly eating animals while so many animals are suffering.....i just can't handle it sometimes. I can't understand how so many people can't open their eyes. Death is bad.....no matter your appetites. I'm so upset with society. I really hope for a better world in the future :/ 

I find it very interesting that saying you're vegetarian produces so much anger in meat eaters. And the other thing I find funny is that they always want whatever you are eating!!! :0) 

I myself have just become vegetarian. I haven't eaten pork for 8 years and stopped drinking/using milk last year. This year, I took the plunge and told my husband that I wasn't eating meat any more. He supports me, although he has no interest in being vegetarian himself. I live in hope :) 

My work colleagues though, they think I've gone mad! There is one woman, every time I see her - she tells me how much she is going to enjoy eating her meat dinner and how she would have no qualms killing an animal to eat it. My response is the same every time -  "it's your choice". I won't be drawn into arguments with people who have no interest in learning or feeling compassion. I just say to those who ask, I sat down one day and actually thought about what I eat. When you think about what is in your food and how it's produced you make changes. Maybe, that will be enough to make them think too? 

I have never seen this but I am going to check it out now. 

Thank you for the info. I did watch the movie and cried through most if it. It did renew my conviction. I will recommend it to my meat eating family members. Also nice link for the great arguments of why everyone should be Vegan. I will use some of these.

I have told them to watch it so many times. The thing is that they don't want to, people only see what they want to see and this cruel true is not what they would like to know.

Ignorant people, they are not enough smart to understand is what I think.


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