meat eaters are "funny" sometimes, once one of them asked me why was i vegie, i told him that was because for me, meat is just dead boddies and i don't want to kill to eat... then he asked me "do you eat eggs ?" i say yes, that's what he answerd, "eggs are dead things, they're hen's period !"... well that's the worst argument i ever heard...

what's the most funny, or stupid, worst argument you've heard ?

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God would be one sadistic fuck to intend animals to be used the way we use them and also give them the ability to feel pain and fear.

Eggs ARE a chicken's period. Not even that good for you, nasty amounts of bad cholesterol.

Worst argument I've heard is that you "need" meat to survive or you'll be weak and start to lose your hair. I train in the gym 4 days a week and I feel fine.

chickens don't have uterus's, so they can't have a period as we know it.

But they have chicken periods lol

technically they just expel the egg. Human's may expel the unfertilized eggs before we even get the "period" which is the expulsion of lining and tissue (I'm totally forgetting the proper name for it).

But yea, the person who said chickens have a period is a moron.

I hate when I get "you need protein to build muscle" from someone with lots of flab and no muscle tone whatsoever. Exercise builds muscle, protein does nothing to build muscle if you sit on your butt all day.

Yeah I've heard the egg thing "you're eating a chicken fetus!!" No I'm not, dumbass. I quite often get the "plants are living things too and you eat them!" Yeah but they're not animals, fuck wit. I don't eat meat because I care about animals and their life. When did I ever say I gave a shit about plants?

When I stated that I was 5 years vegetarian and proud, one dude thought he was really funny and said to me "Well, let's go celebrate at the steakhouse!" Really original, lol.

yes i've heard the "plants are living things"  to. they just don't have any argument so they try to prove us we're wrong. but the steakhouse is a new one !

A friend told me that i eat animal's i dont help them... =/

ahahah yes and one told me "they need us, if we didn't ate them, we wouldn't protec them. and they can't survive they should be happy say thank you human, you need me as food so you don't kill just eat me, great i'm useful !"

I have had a few but one farmer said well farm animals woulnt exist if it wasnt for us - yes that is true but i think if they knew the purpose of their existence, how they would be treated, and the terrible fate they had coming I am sure they probably wouldnt want to exist. Another person said well at least a chicken isnt being chased by a fox now that would be fear - my reply - so be shackled upside down in the dark woulndt present fear?

"But, humans ARE more important then animals !! They're better !"

when they are done arguing points you've already defeated, their last argument is "it taste good so whatever"


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