Would you allow meat to be served at your wedding?

My family believes meat should be served, saying I should think of my guests and not to push my beliefs on them. Yet, I don't believe that is me pushing my beliefs.. I don't feel comfortable taking part in the slaughter of animals just for my wedding.

What are your thoughts?

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I heard the hotels place the order for meat . Then there will be massive slaughter of innocent animals for the happiness of  you two at the occasion of starting a new life together. All of the fear and suffering of innocent creatures just for that moment. Sound not so auspicious. right?

Chinese weddings typically serve meat,and even shark fins. I wish it's possible for me to avoid both for my wedding. Nonetheless, I won't impose my beliefs on my meat-eating guests. So, I guess I'll find out my guests' preferences and have "vegetarian tables" and "meat-eating tables" at my wedding. :)

I'm not sure about this, considering for awhile (not that I am getting married anytime soon) but I still do serve meat to my parents/family during the holidays, but I would of course do a heavily veggie menu, but I think it is your wedding and whatever your partner and you choose to do is the best choice. Plus vegetarian food is delicious so maybe you will convert some people :) 

Your wedding. Your happiness. You can find many food options that don't have meat and some won't even notice. Be creative. Congratulations !

i think its great that u dont serve animals because after all its your wedding. Guests are to be respectful

but I think all guests should be told that there will be no animals served at the event because thats what theyre 

expecting to eat.

I agree with you. It's your special day, you should have everything planned according to your likes and interests. Your guests should respect your choices, it's only for one day and by choosing a meatless menu they will be partaking in a healthier option which they should appreciate. On a personal note, I became vegetarian 2 months after I got married, so unfortunately I did have meat at my wedding. :(

No, I will never allow meat at my Wedding..

Absolutely not! It's your wedding and that's that! It's amazing how meat eaters think we should cater to their needs and not force our opinions on them while we're getting bombarded with meat propaganda everywhere. Your own wedding should be the last place you should have to cater to everyone else. If they don't like it, don't eat it if it's such a big issue. Also funny hoew people tend to forget that EVERYTHING that is not meat or dairy or egg is vegan which is A LOT OF FOOD.  

I hope you follow your heart and have a amazing wedding! :)

i would hav vegie only food serverd. i dont see why i should hav to make do with half a meal or a hodge podge of things that dont realy go together on my special day. wen i go to some one els' special events i hav to make do with wot happens to be veggie that they serve or go without. so on my special day i am having food i like and it will all be meat free so tgere are no mistakes. if your fam want you to serve meat at your event then they are forceing their vriws on to you. they can manage 1 meal without meat. or just dont tell them and serve a meat substitue and most ppl wont evern notice.
When I got married, we offered hockey and fish.
At the time I was still vegetarian.
Now I look back and wish I'd told everybody to sod off.
I should have only offered meatless options like me and my husband wanted to.
We were pressured by our parents.

I was not vegetarian when I got married but if I was doing it now I would like to have a vegetarian feast.  It's not as though your guests would be deprived of good food is it?  Have you heard of a TV series called River Cottage (from England)?  I hadn't watched because it was all about growing "food" (including animals) but there were a few episodes called River Cottage Veg and in the first one (I think) the guy caters for a wedding with wonderful Indian vegetarian food.  The guests loved it.  How often do we vegetarians go to functions and eat practically nothing because all the food is meat based?  Everyone can eat vegetarian food.  It's your special day - I think you get to choose.  I hope you have a wonderful wedding day and all the best for the future.  :)

well they just contradicted themselves because they are forcing what they beleive on you (and the animals). and if they don't like it they can bring their own food. it's YOUR wedding make it the way you want! and if you love animals don't serve meat that is that :) congrats  i hope it goes great!  


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