Would you allow meat to be served at your wedding?

My family believes meat should be served, saying I should think of my guests and not to push my beliefs on them. Yet, I don't believe that is me pushing my beliefs.. I don't feel comfortable taking part in the slaughter of animals just for my wedding.

What are your thoughts?

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You're the host, and it's your wedding. It's not pushing beliefs, it's just providing a certain menu. That's like saying you should provide sushi, curry, and kimchi, or else you're pushing beliefs against other cultures' foods... it's ridiculous.

Just pick out the food that you like, not that others want. You'll be happier for it.

If I ever got married, their wouldn't be meat unless my future husband were an omnivore and wanted some, and even then I might be picky about it. I wouldn't include meat just for guests or family.

Their soooooo wrong! A wedding is supposed to reflect your and your new spouses lives together. Plus, just because the food doesn't have meat, doesn't mean it can't be great. Make your decision and tell them the matter is closed for discussion...it's your day, not theirs!

Thank you! I find it ridiculous how unsupportive they are, mainly my mother. I have said if others do not like the choices or respect my decision towards the food then they don't need to come.

I totally agree with you guys! Great advise.

Its your wedding, do what you want. I would not provide meat at my wedding. There are plenty of other options. They can like what you serve or not eat it it. I am sure whatever vegan or vegetarian options you choose will be fine. Besides that, I can't count the number of social events I've gone to where I ended up with a plate of plain lettuce, a piece of bread or nothing at all because they didn't offer any vegetarian options. At least meat eaters CAN eat vegan or vegetarian food and lost of times they rarely consider us. Serve what you want to serve.

I went to a wedding recently, my meal was rice with some vegetables on top. I know with my wedding, I would provide options that would definitely satisfy all. Exactly, meat eaters CAN eat both vegan and vegetarian food; sometimes they do! If others have a hard time accepting my beliefs and what I feel is right then they don't need to come. Thanks for your input!!

No. I will never allow meat to be served at my wedding when I get married.

It's my party, and I control and manage everything served on the party!

What if the one you were marrying ate meat, would you consider serving it? I feel completely against the thought of that, yet i'm being told that would be selfish of me if I were to do so. 

I will convince her to be vegetarian before I marry her! I think I can't live with a meat eaters!

And I believe, if she really loved me, she would understand me.

That is a great idea to have your omnivorous friends to go for the food tasting! What meals are you having (If you know yet)? It is unfortunate that a day this is YOUR special day that people will criticize just because there is no meat served. My mother is the worst for it, which it unfair when she knows how I feel towards it. Thank you so much for your input :) 

maybe i will try to not serve meat to them


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