Hi guys,

I'm new here and english is not my frist language so sorry if I type in a bad way.

I've been an on-off vegetarian for the last year (only eating chicken), but I've been seriously eating only fruits/vegetables/nuts/tofu for the past 3 months and Ive lost too much weight for my body and that, in a bad way because I'm already skinny to start with.

I'm 5'5'' and now only 106 pounds (was 116 pounds before). Anyone have advise to stop loosing weight or even gain weight? (And not only to eat nuts and more nuts cuz that doesn't seem to work for me). Thank you :)


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hi you can definitely gain weight with vegan diets . i have seen many non vegetarian people who are skinny .Protein is an important part of any weight gain diet.Nuts such as almonds are the most healthful. They have the most mono-saturated fat and the least saturated fat. An ounce or so can be a good source of protein and healthy fats.get enough protein by consuming legumes, nuts and seeds in combination with whole grain breads and cereals, as well as soy products.Legumes like lentils and black eyed peas are the best.Eat every three to four hours will keep your energy levels up and blood sugar levels stable.calories are key. If you don't have surplus calories, you're not going to gain.Add a serving of grains, such as white rice or oatmeal, to each meal. Have a slice of toast or bread with your meal.it will work for sure 

Thank you for your reply :) I'll take everything u say into consideration. I'll try to find more recipes with lentils, peas and will try to eat every 3-4 hours like you said! I'll give feedback for sure

best of luck 

Thank you :)

Hello there :) This can be difficult if you don't have much of an appetite, you are going to have to force yourself to eat more, exercise less, or substitute what you're eating for more calorie laden foods. Make sure you are getting your 60% carbs, and as vivek said, your protein! Perhaps keep a food diary, and make sure a busy schedule isn't keeping you from sitting down and eating a nice full meal :) There is always time for your health! I myself haven't been losing any weight since going vegan unless I exercise (because of my thyroid maybe?), but I do eat a LOT, and I overdo it on my grains for sure. 

I'm just going to throw this out there- maybe get checked for hyperthyroidism. What I have is the opposite, which inhibits my weight loss. You could have developed or had hyperthyroid for a while if you've had problems gaining weight. It's a growing disease inside of women, and a simple blood test will tell. Hyperthryoid is more serious, you can actually go into a coma if it's left untreated (not to freak you out or anything haha)

Good luck :) 

Thank you for your reply Lauren!

I actually don't have a doctor. Here in Quebec finding a family doctor is very hard. The last one i had passed away so I am left without a doctor and the 5 clinics I have called over the past 2 years in my area do not take new patients, so when I'm very sick, I need to do to the mini-emergency at the hospital or a "without rendez-vous" clinic...which you actually need a rendez-vous to go to the without rendez-vous lol. So if I'm not in a coma or dying, i best avoid these places. The health system here is absolutely horrible and a lot of people are sick so the emergencies are always full. I best be healthy and try to be my own doctor :) I will do research on hyperthyroid and if i see it concerns me, i will consult without delay.


No problem :) I'm sorry to hear about your healthcare :(! That is unfortunate it would prevent you from getting help you need. I agree with playing your own doctor for the majority of the time, haha, solving health problems with diet should come first and foremost, I think (except for something rather serious)- it's what I try and do anyways. So we're very alike on that. I wish you luck! I hope you don't have it, but if you feel that you might, that's okay! Thyroid diseases are very correctable.

Eat more calories a day.  A high calorie-protein breakfast (plant based protein shakes, with high calorie fruits like banana, and peanut butter). Also sounds like you have are not eating any carbohydrates?  Buckwheat pancakes, whole wheat pastas, baked potatoes, and things like that will help you put weight on.  Also, intake more healthy fats, add oil or canola or sesame oils to pastas, salads and veggies for increasing weight gain.  Last, lifting weight is another way to gain healthy muscle.  Finally, but most important, if you continue to be underweight you should see a doctor.  Many medical problems have weight loss as a side effect.  If you do not gain 510 back in 2 weeks after actively increasing intake then make an appointment to speak with a physician.  good luck..

you can gain weight being vegan or vegetarian. when i was a meat eater i was skinny. try getting more carbs..eat TOFU lol that'll fatten you up. good luck hun. tofu, pasta,rice are all fulling. in fact i gained from them which for me is not good since i am trying to lose. maybe we can help each other. :)

You're skinny now too haha

not enough to be pre pregnancy weight lol. granted i did lost ALOT after having my daughter. :) as for the poster..i hope things go well and you can gain weight again. 

avocados avocados and more avocados

olive oil (raw on your food, not cooked)


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