Hello everyone!
Im vegetarian slowly transitioning to vegan. Its been tough for me as I don’t have any friends or family to get support. Id love to make friends here, im open to email pen paling or even hanging out if someone lives near me. Im in Southern California. Ive gone to a lot of vegetarian/vegan events but it seems most if not all people already have their groups and being shy doesn’t help.

Send me a message if anyone is interested!

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hey midnightmoon!!!

Hello Ms Midnight moon, 

Welcome to this page, hopefully you get vegan very soon and people will support you all the way. if you plan to visit India, you are always welcome.

Thanks and keep it up, i m with you.

-Harish Singh 


Hi, I am new over here and in order to get started, I want to introduce myself first. I am Travis and quite fitness enthusiasts. Well, just lurking around and got this topic to start with you all. Since childhood, my mom gets me into her kitchen so I usually used to make vegetarian dishes.

Hi,How are you I'm from Taiwan,

Hi i'm doing ok thank you. How are you?


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