I have recently decided to change my lifestyle and become a vegetarian. I have been doing very well with creating new foods and dinners and my daughter has also loved most of the foods I have experimented with. My only problem is my husband, granted he supports me and also is willing to try new foods with me but he still eats meat (which I usually have to cook for him). How can I cope with this? Is there anyone else who has this same problem who can give me advice?

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I actually don't mind being with people who eat meat. Almost all of my friends eat meat, my boyfriend does too. It's their lifestyle choice and this is mine, so I respect that. Really I wouldn't judge them for what they eat. They have their reasons just like you have theirs. Just respect one another! but he really shouldnt have YOU cooking the meat... that's totally not fair to you and you should express that.


As mari says, I don't mind at all. My boyfriend (who I live with) still eats meat since I decided to become a vegetarian.
He is very supportive, and is happy to try all of the new foods that I am now cooking. But yes, he wants to eat meat too, and I'm happy to cook it for him. That's his lifestyle choice, as becoming a vegetarian is mine. I can't try to force my decisions onto him, and I can't try to make him feel guilty for eating meat around me. That would be unfair and selfish of me.

Keep cooking him meat when he likes, as well as cooking him the new recipes you are trying with your daughter. He may decide to make the transition himself one day, but that's his decision to make.
It's easy to have a meat eater and vegetarian living together, as long as you respect each other and support each other :)

Most people do not like plain meat. It's the seasoning and the texture that they like. May be if you start substituting mushrooms like Portabello and cremini for his meat and add all of his favorite seasoning and sauces, it could help him transition...

I really do feel u i am Pesco-vegetarian since I'm really new at being vegetarian. but i posted a recent blog about my problem its so crazy i understand u
In my house full of meat eaters, I have one rule. I refuse to cook or deal with meat in anyway shape or form. Maybe you should inform him about why you are a vegetarian and I think you should definitely have your daughter be a vegetarian.


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