Yummypets revolts against this new fashion jewelry in China: live animals in a plastic sealed bag containing a liquid with nutrient and oxygen that allows them to live up to 2 months.

This is cruel and should be condemned by the international community!


Yummypets has signed the petition and encourage you to do the same so that the UN requires the Chinese government to ban the manufacture and sale of amulets and jewelry containing live animals.


Sign the petition HERE

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After a bit of quick research, they may survive for days or weeks within the bags, until the oxygen runs out. They are, however, alive when sold, and apparently don't run out of oxygen that quickly.

I thought of a solution to this atrocity. People could sign a petition in the area and warn the stores and the manufacturer that they are going to take and release these animals. They will refuse to pay for them because that would be contributing to the profits of both the stores that sell them and the factories that make them. If they announce it, they can also get publicity and put this in the local papers so that this issue will get a lot of press and then the stores will look cruel if they decide to arrest the activists or continue to sell these turtles. This type of publicity will raise consciousness.

It is really cruel!I am Chinese.Can you tell me the specific address about the key-rings with animals?Thanks!

no specific address. these are sold by street vendors at train stations and mass-tourist destinations.  They pack up and run at the sight of police. 

Has PETA Asia-Pacific lifted a finger yet regarding this atrocious "product"? I just wanna set all those pond sliders free.  

I hear they are looking for someone with big boobs to help out as we speak! Expect a big advertisement with a pretty girl condemning this cruelty shortly.

Which means neither you nor I will get the gig. Bummer.

So Cruel!!! Worse than killing an animal...

Torturing Animals has become a fashion. guys grow up guys. 

Just live and let live. 

signed it.

what they think, it's not cute at all!

It's like right out of a Sci-fi movie, isn't it? Those are live spirits! I sooooo look forward to human's realignment with nature. It's coming....have patience. In the meantime, I'll sign the petition:)

Omg I want one!!!!!

you dont even think about how cruel it is for those animals?

your such a bitch


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