Yummypets revolts against this new fashion jewelry in China: live animals in a plastic sealed bag containing a liquid with nutrient and oxygen that allows them to live up to 2 months.

This is cruel and should be condemned by the international community!


Yummypets has signed the petition and encourage you to do the same so that the UN requires the Chinese government to ban the manufacture and sale of amulets and jewelry containing live animals.


Sign the petition HERE

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thanx fr the info. ive signed the petition.

This is very cruel. I have already signed the petition, how about you? Let's sign the petition.

:( signing

Yes, this very cruel! 

where do i sign

this is crazy

Just because people eat meat, it does not mean that they do not like/care about the well being of animals.

This is so bad and not at all act of human

OMG!! I am a turtle lover favorite animal on the planet...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...:'(..Some turtles are at the point of extinction .I got to swim with a sea turtle it was one the things I wanted to do in life most..And, they also come up on the beach and lay sleeping..They are majestic beautiful creature ..This makes me sad.

I signed it. This is cruel. How far will society go to make a sale ?

Considering people traffic even people.....

Jaime...are you a freak butthead or what? you really want a live animal on a string around your neck?


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