So, I FINALLY found a copy of a book I've been searching for- I was ecstatic! But reading the description revealed to me it's leather bound :(

Why must we wrap books in the flesh of animals?

Anyways- I want this book sooo bad, but these older books all seem to be leather bound- What's your opinion on leather bound books?

I feel that buying this would be a hypocrite move, and I don't want that.

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Thank you Kiala!

they don't make leather bound books anymore.  it must be that this is from old stock?  if that is the case, then it is recycled. I don't see a problem to buy recycled material since it does not support any industry that harms animals.

Thanks Fruitfly, I never thought about it like that- it's a super old poetry book that I've been looking for. I didn't know they don't make leather bound books anymore, I thought they did. Thanks for the info!


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