Hi Everyone! I am working on a paper for school about innovation. The product I am going to explore is the wonderful world of fake meat. My hypothesis is that a plant based diet is more sustainable and healthy and companies are smart to address this in their product lines. (I am not focusing on ethics - it is a business paper so who cares about ethics - just kidding but not really). In my research of the criticisms of mock meats I found the usual suspects - too many preservatives, sodium, really is not "whole" food, etc - I found a few articles about lab created meats. They are the real thing but developed in a lab not from the actual animal. My first instinct is EWWW! but I thought I would throw it out there - Would you eat an egg or a hamburger if it was created in a lab and no animals would be harmed in its creation? 

Also - if anyone has any good articles on this topic or fake meats or the benefits of a plant based diet I would be happy to have them!

Thanks for your assistance ahead of time!

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It really is about personal choice and preference.  It is quite common for vegetarians who not only care for the welfare of other animals but are also mindful about what they put into their bodies and tend to be into more "natural", organic and less processed foods.  So, it makes sense you'll get negative responses about "fake meat" because they are so highly processed and full of additives to make them taste like their flesh counterparts.  As for the lab grown meat you refer to, yes it may be possible to eschew the processing and additive factors but it still goes against the whole "natural" factor and there are plenty of vegetarians (like myself but I have to admit I'm curious) who get sick at the idea of eating meat.

Sure, I'd eat eggs or meat from a lab. I used to love the taste of meat, and I'd go back to that lifestyle if it weren't so abhorrent for the animals.

I like mock meats too, but in small amounts--I prefer more "whole" foods with simple, good ingredients. 


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