What is kale? We don't have anything by that name here in Zimbabwe - we have something called rape, then we have spinach, and tsunga

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What is kale?


It is a type of greens plant, similar but a distinct species from Rape and Mustard and turnip greens. They are all of the genus Brassica.
I looked to see where you are and I see Alaska. I don't know how readily available Kale is in the produce section of markets there, but I know Canada grows quite a lot of the relatively smooth Russian type of kale.
As one goes further south in the US, it is more likely to find the curly Scottish type of kale. In fact Scottish gave us the English word for kale, from "kail".

Kale is a type of greens of the brassica genus and believed to be either developed from cabbage, or head type cabbage developed from kale. It has been known in Europe since well before the Middle Ages at least, and there are several varieties from Scottish to Russian to Italian, all different. So European seed sources online may be the best way to get seed of these types if in Africa.
It is similar but a distinct species from Rape and Mustard greens. They are all of the genus Brassica.
However, there is a Zimbabwean type Kale known as Covo. It is known in the northwest part of the country at least. It typically grown from side shoots instead of seed; here is an article on doing that.

Another name for kale there is chomeolia, which is probably a different variety. I found a reference to it being grown in Matopos in the dry south.

Considering the Zimbabwe is doing more collaboration with the Chinese these days, you also may find a Chinese kale that they call called kai-lan or Gai lan.

Thank you Jim Redman for your help


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