My mother is totally negative on going vegan... She says i'll end up on a hospital!!! She made me nervous... What do you think???

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Of course not. As with any diet, there are certain nutrients you need to be more careful with, but that's it. My parents were afraid I would start to feel weak and start fainting when I became vegan, ridiculous. I've never had more energy, stamina, strength, etc. 

For a ways over a year now. I'm not on any special diet, I just eat what I feel like so long as it's vegan- I'm studying to be a dietitian at the moment. I think your way of loving animals is wonderful :) What better way than to refuse their exploitation?

It sucks being the minority, but we're a growing minority. Hopefully more people will reconnect to their compassion for animals, sooner than later xo

^^ Yes yes YES. Course we always ignore the pitfalls when it comes to a "normal" diet because things like diabetes, obesity, cancer, hypertension are "normalized". Sigh.

No problem :)!!

I've just turned hair, my nails and my skin are the healthiest they've ever been.

As Julie said above, your health will reveal itself to you over time. I'm 46 and feel better than I did when I was 26, and I still have some weight to lose. Your skin and nails in particular WILL start to look different. They will be smoother, stronger, more radiant. As long as you are eating the right foods (not junk food just because it's vegan) you will also have better bowel movements from the added fiber, less fatigue, more energy, better sleep, better sex, better attitude.

In regards to your Mom, my advice is this:

#1. You should be researching what it is to be a Vegan from a nutritional standpoint already. Get some cookbooks that are written by or endorsed by medical professionals next time your mother decides to make you nervous. There are a lot of great books on veganism out there. I assume you're on Facebook, so search for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. They are 100% about eating Vegan and share recipes, and have several books about nutrition and the other health benefits of a plant based diet. Their latest book called Power Foods for the Brain is all about eating to avoid Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders.

#2. Tell your mother she's not a doctor and shouldn't be terrorizing people about something she knows nothing about.

for me, being a vegetarian for my whole life, i would definitely say that being a vegetarian is definitely healthy. being a vegan is healthy. there is nothing wrong with me up till now.

i guess what your mother thought was probably about being vegetarian/vegan, you're going to miss out on the "nutrients" that you get from meat, thus she's probably against you becoming a vegan.

for me, i personally urge you to become vegan and go with it. its a healthier lifestyle, no harm done to animals, be more fit. if you read news and stats, you would find that being vegan/vegetarian is quite wholesome and healthy. just my thought on it thou. it would cost you less from now on, keeps you healthy at all times. there is a large variety of ways to get your nutrients such as protein and others from more healthier, natural foods such as nuts, tofu and other veges. just my opinion :)

As long as you are being a Vegan to be healthy.Not to use it as a way to diet and get skinny.You need to eat lots of fruits and nuts if your going to be a vegan. Drink soy milk&take a multivitamin everyday and maybe take calcium supplements.I was a vegan for 5 months that was maybe a year ago. My parents didn't like me being a vegan and would tell me the same thing. You could just be a vegetarian and eat small amounts of dairy products and eat mostly a vegan diet but yet eat small amounts of dairy in front of your parents so they don't think your a vegan. Then they will eventually just asume you are a vegetarian and you can eat veggies and fruits all day for a few days before you have eat any dairy.Then when you live on your own one day you can go completely vegan if that's what you want to do! :)

^ Well said. I notice the majority of "being vegan made me sick" comes from people who tried to abuse it merely to lose weight. They starved themselves, when I looked at some of their intakes. Being vegan is not a guarantee of being thin! This is why I hate the body shaming by such organizations such as PETA. 

I'm still tripping out that Oreos are vegan. Like wtf haha.

Oreos are not vegan. They say so on their website


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