I have a friend who is a vegan that also smokes cigarettes .isn't this bad for what we are standing for ? same with medication  she is into animal liberation as I am myself. but i do not understand this. she also takes her kids to the zoo. 

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I don't like smoke, it really annoys me, and it's very bad for our health. She needs to know some more facts about the danger of smoking. Maybe you can help her to find some information about it. 

Here is a good article "How to quit smoking before 2013" http://www.vegfriend.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-quit-smoking-before-...

Hope this help her.

Thank you Xiao,  I tried to give her information but she wont take it.

I smoke and my vegan friends smoke too

Sadly we are all only human!!!many Vegans and Vegetariansi know smoke,including me.

For those that are vegan and smoke..if you are vegan for moral reasons, why smoke? Cigarettes have been horribly tested on animals. 

I don’t like smoke . .

How’s that pic smokers ??


Always been mildly allergic to them, so never even tried them, haha. Plus cancer in my family, and I'm not playing with fate.

I don't think cancer runs in families because bad habits are passed down and in many cases you do the same as your parents. That may be bad if it is something unhealthy like smoking or consuming meat and dairy. It's not the cancer, heart disease etc that run in the family, it's the bad habits that lead to these diseases. But it's good that you don't smoke anyway :)

My Grandpa smoked his whole life and it killed him at the age of 62, massive heart attack.

Its deadly, and it's not only bad for you but the others around you.

Plus, its tested on animals.

Never, ever will I smoke- it's a deadly habit and as an ethical vegan it's against everything I stand for.

if the definition of vegan is not harming animals, then maybe there is not problem with smoking and being vegan.  I have heard some things about tobacco being treated with pesticides so it would harm insects, so in that case, it wouldn't be vegan, but neither is most produce unless it is organic.  well I would guess even organic veggies probably do use insecticides, even if they are natural ones.

but just about health, smoking is of course hazardous to health.  I have also heard that it blocks the energy channels in the body.  that might be good or bad, depending on what a person is doing in their meditation I guess.  but I have read some stats online about natural tobacco use vs. normal cigarettes.  the information was mentioning a number of benefits and also pointed out that Native American use of tobacco did not entail inhaling it and that perhaps there was some medicinal quality.

I will try to search that and post it.

Smoking is not vegan as it is tested on animals. If you are vegan then you shouldn't go to the zoo. If you are vegan then I think it is ok to have medication if it is saving your life or you desperately need it or you will be in a bad state of health because I guess you need it to survive. But if your vegan and live a healthy life style eating lots of fruit and veg then that is your medication mostly, shouldn't be getting ill so often especially not seriously ill.


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